Sunday, May 03, 2009

Gold Coast Morib

Well, the familia decided to take a trip out of the city to Tg. Sepat for some seafood and I tagged along to cam whore and photo-op. Tg. Sepat is pretty much a small fishing village right after Morib.

The seafood was delicious and it's the type that you expect fresh out of the sea! I love restaurants facing the ocean and I think it's idyllic and really apt! The journey there took exactly 2 hours and 10 Are-We-There-Yet? Questions. (on my part!)

We were famished since we didn't take breakfast and it was supposed to be brunch! We ate at Ocen Restaurant (YES, IT IS SPELT AS OCEN!) and we ordered calamari, clams, crabs and fish (too much for 3 people!!!) and the total bill came up to only 60+ MYR!

Well, we finished the food and they have a little jetty right at the side of the restaurant and Madrekins and I had to walk the plank (LITERALLY!!!) The bridge was a wooden structure which defies all basic architectural concepts!

Technically, the bridge is just a few planks nailed together. I was terrified and nearly cut off the blood supply to Madrekins's arm! I told her, "Save the camera first, me second!" and she said, "I can't swim! You can save both!!! Just as long as you don't drag me down!"

Overall, it was great outing! I really enjoyed it! We plan to go visit a dragon fruit farm and Malacca next week! Looking forward to it! And my Penang plan with Chynar, Carol and Naledi is still pending! SIGH...

Well, life is great even though I'm still jobless and recently single! I intend to live my life to the fullest!

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

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