Saturday, May 30, 2009


The decor is like a library! Me likes!!!

MUST TRY!! SOME durian pancake thingy!!

Yan Yan cheh the Hongkie and her "tim pan" (dessert)

Joss kor who ordered two tim pan coz he can't make up his mind!

Had "Tim Pan" (desserts HK style!) at Honeymoon @ 1U... Yea, You guessed it right, we love 1U!!! The good thing is that they have so many choices that after 2 pages, you just don't bother reading the whole menu anymore...

But, what they sell is mostly the same... It's just that some have more ingredients and some has a little less ingredients! But the must try is the durian pancake thing!It's really awesomely good!

~you know you trust me~
Michelle May

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