Saturday, May 30, 2009


My Communication & Conflict class with our lecturer Ms. Doris!

I can't believe another semester has come and gone. It's still so surreal that I have 1 last semester, 1 last subject more to go (may take another Business subject but that's a different story!)

I took TVC, Communication & Conflict and Professional Communication and out of those 3, my favourite subject has got to be Comm & Conflict. I love my classmates (even though I rarely speak to some of them!) and the lecturer! (Been in Ms. Doris class for 2 semesters now and still counting!)

I really enjoy her classes and she's really knowledgable and approachable. My classmates don't give me problems like the other juniors in my other classes! Overall, I'm really grateful for such a great subject, lecturer and classmates!

Anyways, this picture was taken after our Final presentation on Thursday and as you can see, EVERYONE EXCEPT my group members were in their Sunday's Best!Do I look hang-overed? I was actually high and alcohol was still in my bloodstream at the moment I was presenting!

Yea, I presented while I was under the influence! But you can't see that I'm drunk here right? Only seasonal alcoholics can pull the natural, normal look off while under the influence! I don't mean to blow my own horn but *toot* *toot*

~you know you envy me~
Michelle May

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