Saturday, May 02, 2009

Of Tuesdays and Fridays

Scoop, Scoop!

Scoop the Heavenly Chocolate Mousse....

... And enjoy it's Orgasmic Pleasure!

The Chocolate Mousse from The Apartment at Curve!

We were "Malawian Kid Hungry" the codeword for being extremely hungry and we decided on our usual hangout; Delicious, Ms. Read at 1U! I think we should so buy shares from there since we're like there EVERY WEEK!!!

"You can never lose what you never had" - Unknown.

I started my day by attending Jetstar's interview (the place where XY works!) and the normally 5 hours interview was only 5 minutes. Since I was applying for a Part-Time position, it's difficult because there were 20 applicants on THAT DAY applying for 1 Part Time opening.

I mean, they were quite good in the sense that they didn't waste my time, and their time and just let us leave. So, I was back in college by 10AM. Got a call from Shi Nee to have lunch since her class was shitty and she has a long break between her class.

I just had to kill 2-3 hours of my time! Then, got dragged by Nick to walk up and down for hours! I think I must've lost weight!!! Lol.. no wonder I was "Malawian Kid Hungry" by the time I meet Shi Nee!!

We had our usual Cos Salad and Pesto with Chargrilled Chicken and I don't know how I felt. I mean I really wanted the job (it pays well! 12.10MYR/Hour) and I actually had plans for the money! It was to fund my Russian Trans-Siberian trip next year!

Well, if it's meant to be yours, it'll be. I was a little depressed but after spending some time walking up and down with Nick and lunch with Shi Nee, I realised that you can either choose to be happy or sad over things you can't control. Well, I choose to be happy! I'm surrounded with friends and my life is blessed.

Then, we decided to have dessert. We normally order the Pavlova from Delicious but decided to go to Curve for Chocolate Mousse instead! The Apartment was lovely as usual. Been ages since we last went there! I remember that we unanimously voted them to have the best "Sky Juice" EVER!

Sky Juice was served with lemon slices and mint leaves for the most refreshing drink for 50 cents! Now, we withdraw the title!! Boo! And the most exciting news is that our 1/3 is coming back on MAY 20!!!! *YAY*

Just a little lesson; Just be happy. Happiness is a choice! And followers of my blog knows that binging only happens on Friday and yes, today was a Tuesday!

~you know I'm happy~
Michelle May

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