Sunday, June 28, 2009

Redang with the Singaporeans!

Went to Redang Island with Uncle Jackson, Aunty Margeret, Darrell and Bao Er and in the span of 5 days, we slept in 3 hotels and spent hours in Chinese bars and drinking alcohol!

I learnt my lesson the hard way: Chivas is NOT a good friend!

So many palm trees make me feel so Bollywood! Indian, I know..

The happy "family" Uncle Jackson, Aunty Margeret, Me and Darrell.

Uncle Jackson is kinda high and Aunty Margeret is tired and I'm being the alcoholic and Bao Er is looking lost.

The ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS! Uncle Jackson and us.

I have no idea what this phenomeneon is called but it was beautiful! Breathe-takingly beautiful!

The water there is so clear and you can literally see the ocean floor!!!

Nothing but blue sky, azure blue water and white washed sand!

the greatest hotel ever! Laguna Beach... The night view is just devastatingly gorgeous!Imagine Vegas but not as bright!

This is the jetty and everywhere you see is the sky and water! AMAZING! TRULY AMAZING!

We had fun because of the company and it was one of the greatest vacation I've ever had! My life is pretty amazing right now; I did pretty well in my exams even though I didn't study and was either stoning in class or having a hangover I didn't deserve in bed.

Then there's a chance that I just MAY be doing my Masters in UK and I'm confortable with the amount of money stashed in my bank accounts. So far, life has been great.. And I don't even need a guy to feel so happy!

My plans for the holidays are still pending. Will probably paint and get Padrekins to get a decent acoustic guitar and MAYBE, JUST MAYBE will be going to BANDUNG end of this year China, Australia and Bali beginning next year!

~you know you adore me~
Michelle May

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Of Kajang Satay and K. Pilah

Out of KL, you see so many trees!!! It's refreshing for the eyes and trees have an aesthetic effect...

You don't see starfruits growing on a tree anywhere in The City!!!

It became a huge pool for people to swim in, but the only ones there were those Malay Rempits. Yes, I had a culture shock!

Actually, this was supposed to be a waterfall according to Padrekins but I think if my adventurous streak and if I was wearing shoes, I would've hiked up those mountains and search for the waterfall!

I think my African Motif dress blended into the green surroundings! I'm standing in front of some Dragon fruit plants and near some mountains! The air was refreshing!!!

Padrekins said it was a plantation but it was only a plot with 50+ dragon fruit plants! So, NOT a plantation!!!

Some Dragon fruit... It costs around 8MYR for 1 fruit. Kinda expensive cause Hypermarkets sell them for 10MYR for 3.

We started our day with some infamous Kajang satay. I never knew that Kajang town was famous for their satay as in for real famous!

The good thing is, they sold AUTHENTIC ketupat. Not the ones in plastic that is served with satay in KL! I hate it! Not only it's bad for the environment, it's also bad for health and tastes bad!

This is Restaurant Malaysia or something like that. A Chinese, corner restaurant near Shell or Petronas. The one in charge is this old man. He's old but as strong as an ox..

Went to K.Pilah with the Parentals to visit a dragon fruit farm but Padrekins didn't do his research and the "farm" turned out to be a little plot of land with some plants growing!

So, we ended up buying durians, visiting A. Suzie, buying more crap and just some simple sightseeing. Yes, I did enjoy myself never the less because I'm somewhere doing something.

Anyways, just wanna say good bye and have a great week ahead because The One That You Love (ME!) will be away for a week with A. Margeret and Darrell for a summer escape to Redang! Will update when I get back! I think this will be my final holiday for the summer... Until I confirm a holiday with the Americans and if I do make that trip down to Singapore! Till then....

~you know you miss me~
Michelle May

Between Boobies Grabbing & Ass Smacking!

Entered this pix for a Tiger Contest on Facebook so please, please, go to Tiger Beer Stand Out Moments and like this picture or comment on it! Thanks so much!

This pix was taken at Eckywoobee by Littun (thanks!) just 3 girls having fun with beers on a Friday night!

2 things that'll make any night fun; Girls and Tiger! (in no order of preferences!)

The sexy way of eating a cupcake! Use ur fingers and lick the frosting off!! Cupcake courtesy of Cupcake Chic @ Curve! Cupcake flavor was Forget-Me-Not (lavender cake with Bailey's frosting!) Check it out here: Cupcake Chic

Slushees @ TGIF! A cool drink for an extremely HOT day!

More booby grabbing action in FAMILY PLACES! What have we become?

Booby grabbing action at EATING ESTABLISHMENTS! Location at delish @ Ms. Read, 1 Utama.

More comparing of boobies! Long live the bigger boobies!!!

This is out third Friday and as usual, we had so much fun from 1 Utama-Curve-1 Utama-TTDI!!! Was Awesome... Technically, the whole day we were just talking about boobies, sex, bfs, studies, future plans, holiday plans, bastards, jerks, and crappy stuff.

We laughed, cried, nearly sprayed our drinks and etc but it was all fun! It was the best day of my life and I never thought about HIM or HIM or HIM!!! lol! They really take my mind off things and yes, I love them to bits!

~you know you need me~
Michelle May

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Vintry Wine @ Jaya 33

See? Nice isn't it? Personally, I would go back just to enjoy some quiet time with some wine but not for the food. Picture courtesy of Jaya 33.

Oven Roasted Herb Chicken! Was just OK compared to Logenhaus! (Be prepared to wait for 1 hour approx.) 35MYR/half bird.

They do have a nice ambience and comfy setting! With Campari posters adorning the walls.

If the bar stools aren't to your liking, there's even a little lounge for you to enjoy some chit chat and your wine!

The bar area. I suggest you get a bottle of wine and leave it there. Just so convenient!

Since we're such huge fans of roasted chicken, and Padrekins friend recommended Vintry@Jaya33 we decided to try it. It costs 35MYR for half a bird which you would have to wait for approx. 1 hour for it to reach your table.

It is stated in the menu that it takes 30 mins. for marination and I guess it takes another 30 mins to roast it in the oven. Well, the chicken is just OK, we've tasted better and Logenhaus still tops the list.

Anyways, It is a nice upmarket kinda place. But I did spy a bottle of Moet & Chandon for 600MYR and above. Would so pop that champers!!!

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

Monday, June 15, 2009



I can't believe how time really flies by! I remember starting this blog with just my thoughts and feelings and then I started covering events and went places, the blog was there like a faithful companion listening to me.

Well, on this special occasion I decided to give my COMPANION a makeover!!! See, the blog is much fresher, vibrant and not so boring as my previous white blogskin! In case you don't notice, the little sidebar on the left is titled after Gossip Girl.

Anyyways, it's been a great 4 YEARS AND COUNTING and we'll look forward to many more entries to come!

I really wanna apologize to those browsing with Safari and Firefox. My new blog layout doesn't support any other browser except IE. But do keep reading because I might just change another layout or play with the HTML again! SORRY!!!

Lo siento los usuarios de Safari en Firefox. El diseño no es compatible con cualquier navegador excepto Internet Explorar. Continuar por favor visitar mi página, realmente lo aprecio. Lo Siento!!!

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

Barbie Convention

INDIA Barbie









I stumbled upon a Barbie Convention or Fair at Curve and like all girly girls, I adore Barbies! Well, I'm fascinated to a certain extent! I'm not a girly girl per se but yea, I remember growing up with Barbies!

Unlike all gender studies may argue, Barbie has it's pros and especially the way she encourages girls to be strong women that will contribute to the society. Lets not forget that some Barbie are modelled according some strong women like Marilyn Monroe and Jane Austen.

Anyways, hope you are as fascinated as I am! Long live Barbie!

~you know you heart me~
Michelle May

Electronic Guitar and Fruits!

The electronic guitar that's sooooo NOT me... But the pink iPod Nano is!!!

I still prefer my acoustic guitar cause it's waaay better! The electronic one is pointless because the amps isn't around! I know I'm still learning, Padrekins didn't have to hide the amps!!!

Went to some fruit distributor and nearly got frozen to death in the freezer room! Imagine a freezer as big as a house and filled with fruits! Well, at least I wont die of starvation or thirst! This is when I got out to the warm and Sunkist oranges!

Cherries are soooo IN season!

Went out with Ms. Teh and Kysha to but frozen food at Padrekin's office (Prima factory) and then went to KL to get cheap fruits and then to Imbi to hunt for computer stuff!

As usual, Kysha was a doll and I seriously adore her so much!! I have no idea why I like kids nowadays! Well, only certain kids... Then we went to Selayang, Curve with A. Candy and shopping till 11PM.

Padrekins had to attend a dinner and we left the house at 10AM and came back later than he did... Anyways, I want an acoustic guitar!

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Whiskey Lullaby

I have a confession to make. I haven’t been a good girl lately; in fact I’ve been bad. I’ve not been studying and I’ve been lying to my parents. I’ve been slacking and I know that I can’t afford that. I’ve come so far in my degree. I sort of screwed up my Majors and took the longer road and I’m nearly there. I just have 1 more subject and 1 more semester left.

Besides that, I'm slowly but surly turning into an alcoholic! I mean I need a shot to do my presentation! I need it to keep me happy and sane. I’m so close to graduating and I’m going to take an extra credit next semester. I was thinking of taking another subject preferably in Business and whether I fail or pass, it doesn’t matter but I hope I pass!

Anyways, I realized that I’ve been so busy travelling here and there and I haven’t been studying. I mean, I went to Penang a day before my Prof Comm finals and Ipoh before my TVC finals! Instead of reading my notes, I’m checking for flight tickets. In 2 months, I’ve been to Singapore, Tj. Sepat, Malacca, Penang and Ipoh.

I really need to pass all my subjects this semester. If I do, it’s by God’s grace and I will thank God! I’m so busy thinking about my studies, where to spend the summer and I’m too busy having fun with the Americans that I really don’t have the time to think about anything else.

As usual, people have been talking about me in college. I’m close to this guy A and B and people are again talking. They think I’m a slut or a whore but whatever. I’ve spent my whole life thinking about what other people think and I really don’t give a damn anymore.

I have to say that nothing gets me down now. I’m too happy with my life! I’m finally at peace with everyone and everything. I mean, travelling or getting out of the city can really change your perspective about everything.

During my summer break, I think I’m going to start my guitar again! Hope to play Whiskey Lullaby by Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss. They song is just hauntingly beautiful especially when Brad picks the guitar strings!

~you know you love it~
Michelle May

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


You have never visited Ipoh if you didn't try "Ipoh Sa Hor Fun" It's technically noodles cooked in broth served with veggies, chicken slices and prawns. Simple and tasty! Comfort food!

This dish is a little special. It's expensive but taste really good! It's fried calamari and crispy white rice fish. (No idea what it's called but literally translated from Cantonese, it's white rice fish!) This is my first time eating this! Apparently, the Hongkie (Yan Yan) says that most Hongkies love white rice fish! Good food at Tuck Kee Restaurant.

Madrekins and the Hongkie (Yan Yan) We had to pick her up by the side of the road!!! The poor, little girl looked so lost, hungry and scared with her little bags by the side of the road. Personally, the sight was so hilarious!

Candy cheh who drove all the way there and back in her new car! lol! And the sweet teacher Yew Lee! Many thanks to her hubby for paying for lunch!

The ultimate cam whore is only interested in their own pictures... even tho I'm standing near some litter! But just to show everyone that mountains are so near!!! Unlike in KL!

I have some unexplainable fascination with Black and White. I think its so rustic and very nostalgic! Especially in Ipoh where everything is so...old.

I just love the peeling paint, old world architecture, dangling shingles and etc! Everything that makes an old building truly unique!

If you ever go to Ipoh, you have to try these swissrolls! Apparently, they're the best!!! Made from the freshest ingredients and generous spread of filling! 24 flavours to choose from such as Carrot Cream Cheese, Chocolate Hazelnut, Fresh Chempedak, Dragon Fruit, Wolfberry, Prune and lots more! Cost between 8MYR-15MYR/roll.

This is the famous Ipoh Salted Chicken. Look at the boxes stacked from the floor to the ceiling! They sell a few hundred birds one day!!! Cost 16MYR/bird.

Went to Ipoh with Madrekins and Candy cheh to do some work and eat. We arrived appoximately around 10 something and we ate Ipoh Sa Hor Fun, satay and Chee Cheong Fun. After that, we visited the real estate office for a while.

We then went and drank Ipoh White Coffee. Maybe I'm not used to it but i still prefer my Starbucks anytime! Then they had roasted pork, half boiled eggs and toast. Most good food originates from Ipoh btw!

Then got a call from the Hongkie to pick her up at the side of the road and the poor girl looked so cute! We then, met Yew Lee and her hubby for lunch at some fancy Chinese restaurant.

We ordered some good food that I've never tasted before. Some duck dish which was very unique, some crispy veggie and tofu. Food there was awesome! It's worth it because the food tastes good even though it's expensive.

Anyways, was a good trip! More pictures at my PHOTO ALBUM

Will be sitting for my TVC exam tomorrow and meeting xy (after so long!) on Thursday and will finally meet ANNDRINA on Friday!!! *YAY* Will be going to Redang next week with Darry and A. Margeret!!! Looking forward to it! I just realized that the whole point of travelling is coming back to the ones you love.

Oh! Remember the little Meows Meows in my previous post? They passed away... Anyways, stay tuned for more updates!!!

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No.107, Jalan Pangkalan Barat, Taman Shatin Baru.
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Contact: +605-2542998

Pasir Pinji, Ipoh. (It's a corner air-cond restaurant)

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Michelle May