Saturday, June 20, 2009

Between Boobies Grabbing & Ass Smacking!

Entered this pix for a Tiger Contest on Facebook so please, please, go to Tiger Beer Stand Out Moments and like this picture or comment on it! Thanks so much!

This pix was taken at Eckywoobee by Littun (thanks!) just 3 girls having fun with beers on a Friday night!

2 things that'll make any night fun; Girls and Tiger! (in no order of preferences!)

The sexy way of eating a cupcake! Use ur fingers and lick the frosting off!! Cupcake courtesy of Cupcake Chic @ Curve! Cupcake flavor was Forget-Me-Not (lavender cake with Bailey's frosting!) Check it out here: Cupcake Chic

Slushees @ TGIF! A cool drink for an extremely HOT day!

More booby grabbing action in FAMILY PLACES! What have we become?

Booby grabbing action at EATING ESTABLISHMENTS! Location at delish @ Ms. Read, 1 Utama.

More comparing of boobies! Long live the bigger boobies!!!

This is out third Friday and as usual, we had so much fun from 1 Utama-Curve-1 Utama-TTDI!!! Was Awesome... Technically, the whole day we were just talking about boobies, sex, bfs, studies, future plans, holiday plans, bastards, jerks, and crappy stuff.

We laughed, cried, nearly sprayed our drinks and etc but it was all fun! It was the best day of my life and I never thought about HIM or HIM or HIM!!! lol! They really take my mind off things and yes, I love them to bits!

~you know you need me~
Michelle May

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