Monday, June 15, 2009

Electronic Guitar and Fruits!

The electronic guitar that's sooooo NOT me... But the pink iPod Nano is!!!

I still prefer my acoustic guitar cause it's waaay better! The electronic one is pointless because the amps isn't around! I know I'm still learning, Padrekins didn't have to hide the amps!!!

Went to some fruit distributor and nearly got frozen to death in the freezer room! Imagine a freezer as big as a house and filled with fruits! Well, at least I wont die of starvation or thirst! This is when I got out to the warm and Sunkist oranges!

Cherries are soooo IN season!

Went out with Ms. Teh and Kysha to but frozen food at Padrekin's office (Prima factory) and then went to KL to get cheap fruits and then to Imbi to hunt for computer stuff!

As usual, Kysha was a doll and I seriously adore her so much!! I have no idea why I like kids nowadays! Well, only certain kids... Then we went to Selayang, Curve with A. Candy and shopping till 11PM.

Padrekins had to attend a dinner and we left the house at 10AM and came back later than he did... Anyways, I want an acoustic guitar!

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

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