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You have never visited Ipoh if you didn't try "Ipoh Sa Hor Fun" It's technically noodles cooked in broth served with veggies, chicken slices and prawns. Simple and tasty! Comfort food!

This dish is a little special. It's expensive but taste really good! It's fried calamari and crispy white rice fish. (No idea what it's called but literally translated from Cantonese, it's white rice fish!) This is my first time eating this! Apparently, the Hongkie (Yan Yan) says that most Hongkies love white rice fish! Good food at Tuck Kee Restaurant.

Madrekins and the Hongkie (Yan Yan) We had to pick her up by the side of the road!!! The poor, little girl looked so lost, hungry and scared with her little bags by the side of the road. Personally, the sight was so hilarious!

Candy cheh who drove all the way there and back in her new car! lol! And the sweet teacher Yew Lee! Many thanks to her hubby for paying for lunch!

The ultimate cam whore is only interested in their own pictures... even tho I'm standing near some litter! But just to show everyone that mountains are so near!!! Unlike in KL!

I have some unexplainable fascination with Black and White. I think its so rustic and very nostalgic! Especially in Ipoh where everything is so...old.

I just love the peeling paint, old world architecture, dangling shingles and etc! Everything that makes an old building truly unique!

If you ever go to Ipoh, you have to try these swissrolls! Apparently, they're the best!!! Made from the freshest ingredients and generous spread of filling! 24 flavours to choose from such as Carrot Cream Cheese, Chocolate Hazelnut, Fresh Chempedak, Dragon Fruit, Wolfberry, Prune and lots more! Cost between 8MYR-15MYR/roll.

This is the famous Ipoh Salted Chicken. Look at the boxes stacked from the floor to the ceiling! They sell a few hundred birds one day!!! Cost 16MYR/bird.

Went to Ipoh with Madrekins and Candy cheh to do some work and eat. We arrived appoximately around 10 something and we ate Ipoh Sa Hor Fun, satay and Chee Cheong Fun. After that, we visited the real estate office for a while.

We then went and drank Ipoh White Coffee. Maybe I'm not used to it but i still prefer my Starbucks anytime! Then they had roasted pork, half boiled eggs and toast. Most good food originates from Ipoh btw!

Then got a call from the Hongkie to pick her up at the side of the road and the poor girl looked so cute! We then, met Yew Lee and her hubby for lunch at some fancy Chinese restaurant.

We ordered some good food that I've never tasted before. Some duck dish which was very unique, some crispy veggie and tofu. Food there was awesome! It's worth it because the food tastes good even though it's expensive.

Anyways, was a good trip! More pictures at my PHOTO ALBUM http://michellegohym.spaces.live.com/default.aspx?sa=114732195

Will be sitting for my TVC exam tomorrow and meeting xy (after so long!) on Thursday and will finally meet ANNDRINA on Friday!!! *YAY* Will be going to Redang next week with Darry and A. Margeret!!! Looking forward to it! I just realized that the whole point of travelling is coming back to the ones you love.

Oh! Remember the little Meows Meows in my previous post? They passed away... Anyways, stay tuned for more updates!!!

No. 12, Jalan Kampar, Ipoh. OR
No.107, Jalan Pangkalan Barat, Taman Shatin Baru.
Contact: Jennifer Liau (6016-5209933/60165597933)

No 24, Jalan Theatre, Ipoh. (Other end of McDonalds Ipoh)
Contact: +605-2542998

Pasir Pinji, Ipoh. (It's a corner air-cond restaurant)

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