Saturday, June 20, 2009

Of Kajang Satay and K. Pilah

Out of KL, you see so many trees!!! It's refreshing for the eyes and trees have an aesthetic effect...

You don't see starfruits growing on a tree anywhere in The City!!!

It became a huge pool for people to swim in, but the only ones there were those Malay Rempits. Yes, I had a culture shock!

Actually, this was supposed to be a waterfall according to Padrekins but I think if my adventurous streak and if I was wearing shoes, I would've hiked up those mountains and search for the waterfall!

I think my African Motif dress blended into the green surroundings! I'm standing in front of some Dragon fruit plants and near some mountains! The air was refreshing!!!

Padrekins said it was a plantation but it was only a plot with 50+ dragon fruit plants! So, NOT a plantation!!!

Some Dragon fruit... It costs around 8MYR for 1 fruit. Kinda expensive cause Hypermarkets sell them for 10MYR for 3.

We started our day with some infamous Kajang satay. I never knew that Kajang town was famous for their satay as in for real famous!

The good thing is, they sold AUTHENTIC ketupat. Not the ones in plastic that is served with satay in KL! I hate it! Not only it's bad for the environment, it's also bad for health and tastes bad!

This is Restaurant Malaysia or something like that. A Chinese, corner restaurant near Shell or Petronas. The one in charge is this old man. He's old but as strong as an ox..

Went to K.Pilah with the Parentals to visit a dragon fruit farm but Padrekins didn't do his research and the "farm" turned out to be a little plot of land with some plants growing!

So, we ended up buying durians, visiting A. Suzie, buying more crap and just some simple sightseeing. Yes, I did enjoy myself never the less because I'm somewhere doing something.

Anyways, just wanna say good bye and have a great week ahead because The One That You Love (ME!) will be away for a week with A. Margeret and Darrell for a summer escape to Redang! Will update when I get back! I think this will be my final holiday for the summer... Until I confirm a holiday with the Americans and if I do make that trip down to Singapore! Till then....

~you know you miss me~
Michelle May

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