Sunday, June 28, 2009

Redang with the Singaporeans!

Went to Redang Island with Uncle Jackson, Aunty Margeret, Darrell and Bao Er and in the span of 5 days, we slept in 3 hotels and spent hours in Chinese bars and drinking alcohol!

I learnt my lesson the hard way: Chivas is NOT a good friend!

So many palm trees make me feel so Bollywood! Indian, I know..

The happy "family" Uncle Jackson, Aunty Margeret, Me and Darrell.

Uncle Jackson is kinda high and Aunty Margeret is tired and I'm being the alcoholic and Bao Er is looking lost.

The ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS! Uncle Jackson and us.

I have no idea what this phenomeneon is called but it was beautiful! Breathe-takingly beautiful!

The water there is so clear and you can literally see the ocean floor!!!

Nothing but blue sky, azure blue water and white washed sand!

the greatest hotel ever! Laguna Beach... The night view is just devastatingly gorgeous!Imagine Vegas but not as bright!

This is the jetty and everywhere you see is the sky and water! AMAZING! TRULY AMAZING!

We had fun because of the company and it was one of the greatest vacation I've ever had! My life is pretty amazing right now; I did pretty well in my exams even though I didn't study and was either stoning in class or having a hangover I didn't deserve in bed.

Then there's a chance that I just MAY be doing my Masters in UK and I'm confortable with the amount of money stashed in my bank accounts. So far, life has been great.. And I don't even need a guy to feel so happy!

My plans for the holidays are still pending. Will probably paint and get Padrekins to get a decent acoustic guitar and MAYBE, JUST MAYBE will be going to BANDUNG end of this year China, Australia and Bali beginning next year!

~you know you adore me~
Michelle May

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