Saturday, June 06, 2009

Second Friday (06/05/2009)

I didn't fly all the way back from AMERIKAH to eat Thai ok?

Look at the road when you're driving Shi Nee!!!

Chocolate is soooo good! Imagine it on his body!

This Dragon Prawn roll is amazing! @ Sushi Zanmai

Some fried sushi thingy @ Sushi Zanmai.

Wasabillar @ Sushi Zanmai

Hindraf, Mink and I! Sisters!

This time, its Shi Nee's turn to spray her green tea!


Anyways, we always have so much of fun and laughs on Friday and oh, lotsa food too!! Good food, I tell you! Since Ili went all American at Sakae Sushi, I don't think we could go there again! So, our new sushi hangout is Sushi Zanmai in 1U...

Sushi Zanmai is so exclusive that you either need to reserve just to get a seat or you wait in line up to 30 minutes! If you're craving for sushi and you want the best, just reserve earlier. At least an hour earlier!

For those who aren't familiar with 1U, Sushi Zanmai is right outside MPH or the Art Attack store. Just go up the escalator near Forever 21 and Island Shop and you're standing right in front of Sushi Zanmai.

Next Friday will be really special!!! Another special guest will be arriving from America to share our stories, food and fun! Stay tuned!!!

My life is especially great right now. Been focusing on my studies, checking air fares, planning holidays, travelling, and most importantly, having fun with family and friends. You can call me heartless bitch in relationships because I do know some of you who thinks i'm heartless but I don't really care!

It's either you're just a jealous hater or you got played! In relationships someone's gonna get hurt, I'd rather you than me! I'm already over you and go through my blog and see me moving on!

~you know you hate me~
Michelle May

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