Monday, June 15, 2009



I can't believe how time really flies by! I remember starting this blog with just my thoughts and feelings and then I started covering events and went places, the blog was there like a faithful companion listening to me.

Well, on this special occasion I decided to give my COMPANION a makeover!!! See, the blog is much fresher, vibrant and not so boring as my previous white blogskin! In case you don't notice, the little sidebar on the left is titled after Gossip Girl.

Anyyways, it's been a great 4 YEARS AND COUNTING and we'll look forward to many more entries to come!

I really wanna apologize to those browsing with Safari and Firefox. My new blog layout doesn't support any other browser except IE. But do keep reading because I might just change another layout or play with the HTML again! SORRY!!!

Lo siento los usuarios de Safari en Firefox. El diseño no es compatible con cualquier navegador excepto Internet Explorar. Continuar por favor visitar mi página, realmente lo aprecio. Lo Siento!!!

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

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