Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Vintry Wine @ Jaya 33

See? Nice isn't it? Personally, I would go back just to enjoy some quiet time with some wine but not for the food. Picture courtesy of Jaya 33.

Oven Roasted Herb Chicken! Was just OK compared to Logenhaus! (Be prepared to wait for 1 hour approx.) 35MYR/half bird.

They do have a nice ambience and comfy setting! With Campari posters adorning the walls.

If the bar stools aren't to your liking, there's even a little lounge for you to enjoy some chit chat and your wine!

The bar area. I suggest you get a bottle of wine and leave it there. Just so convenient!

Since we're such huge fans of roasted chicken, and Padrekins friend recommended Vintry@Jaya33 we decided to try it. It costs 35MYR for half a bird which you would have to wait for approx. 1 hour for it to reach your table.

It is stated in the menu that it takes 30 mins. for marination and I guess it takes another 30 mins to roast it in the oven. Well, the chicken is just OK, we've tasted better and Logenhaus still tops the list.

Anyways, It is a nice upmarket kinda place. But I did spy a bottle of Moet & Chandon for 600MYR and above. Would so pop that champers!!!

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

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