Thursday, July 30, 2009

Shanghai/Hangzhou 2009

This picture was taken at the Westlake in Hangzhou with Ili and Isabella from Austria. She's really friendly and nice. Me and Ili look so weird coz we were under the rain!

This was also taken at the Westlake at Hangzhou. The scenery was just so awesomely beautiful!!!

This was behind some alley at Hangzhou. Everything there was dirt cheap but I didn't buy anything. It's a little "Margorium" of sorts!

This was the Palace street in Shanghai. During the night, the whole place comes to life with beautiful lights highlighting the beautiful ancient Chinese architecture.

The whole Place street in Shanghai comes to life at night! During the day, it's ancient China... During the night, It's Viva La Chine!!!

I love being in Shanghai. It's just so beautiful. And they have a standalone Haagen Daazs!!

Ili's mom and I. Take a look at the Chinese building behind, AWESOME RIGHT??? This is in Shanghai.

The hotel was Shangri-La in Shanghai. It was just gorgeous!!! Right in the city, 3 minutes away from Jin Tao tower.

Ili and I at the JinTao tower in Shanghai. BTW, It's the WORLD'S 4th tallest tower for broadcast.

Vivian, ili'm mom and I with Jackie Chan himself!!! LOL! It's just Madame Toussauds in Shanghai!

The whole view of Shanghai!!! I'm in Shanghai, BABY!!! Chink rules!

Me, Ili's mom, Ili and Vivian! We had one thing in common.. We were all bleeding love once we arrived in Shanghai!

in 2010, Shanghai will host an expo. So, this little blue guy is everywhere!!! He's sooooo fake!

The funniest incident happened the minute I arrived at Xiaoshan International Airport and I got quarantined! Don't worry, I don't have H1N1 (swine flu!) they had a problem with their stupid instrument!!!

The goodbye day at Hangzhou hotel. The whole familia before we take off to the airport.

I was trying to blend in too hard! I wore a Chinese inspired dress and the next thing I know, I got drenched in the rain!!! This is Hangzhou for you... Oh, this was taken on board a boat at Westlake in Hangzhou.

There's 1.3 Billion people in China and 1.2 Billion of them is in China and Hangzhou!!! There's so many people that you have to queue and you can't walk without bumping into them!

This was taken in Shanghai and most buildings there are beautiful in architectural design! You have not been in Shanghai if you never been to The Bund!

The Palace street at Shanghai has EVERYTHING!!! I was so happy I found my Terracotta army and some handmade handicrafts for Naledi Paledi, Naledi, Carol and Chynar! It's just little tokens, nothing much but it's very Chinese!

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Anyways, the trip was really awesome and a new experience. None of us knew that Shanghai is 2 hours away from the airport BY TRAIN! We left Malaysia at 8AM and we only check into our hotel in Shanghai at 8PM!!! We were so tired, we just slept!

China have no interst in foreigners unlike Malaysia where foreigners rule! Hotels won't even let you have a room if you're a foreigner! Being in China, I feel dumb and deaf. I can't speak or understand them. So difficult to communicate with them.

Food is another issue. I'm not used to the food over there. It all tastes weird and it just doesn't sit well in my stomach! Ended up eating McD's and KFC! I'm actually craving for KFC's Dragon roll!!! OMG! Orgasmic!!!

People are very rude and crossing the roads are a nightmare!!! When the light turns green, it means we can walk but in China, cars don't have to stop even though the pedestrian light is green. That means cars are coming at you from ALL directions when you're crossing the road. None of the lights are red! EVERYONE has the right of way!

Stuff there is quite cheap especially foodstuff and crafts! I was disappointed that I didn't get to visit the Bund in Shanghai, walk around the Westlake in Hangzhou and bought clothes. Clothes there are kinda chinky so not really worth buying!

Anyways, I had fun and experienced lots of new stuff! Might be going to Tarbush for dinner with Isaac tonight!!! Middle Eastern food taste soooo goood right now! and will be going karaoke with EVERYONE tomorrow! Really gonna miss Ili, Ann and Isaac once they leave in August!

~you know you envy me~
Michelle May

Tarbush at Night with Isaac!

The servings were HUGE and it was muy delicioso!!! I loved it here!

This is Isaac's dish called Tarbush Mixed Grill and it has chicken, lamb, bread, some assortments! I liked it too...

This is my dish called Chicken Maklouba. 1/2 a chicken with eggplant and rice.

If you're here, you have to try the Arabian tea! It's Ceylon tea with mint and no worries, it's refill-able!

The teapot is so Arabic right? I liked the design. But it's metal so, the whole pot was really hot!

They served us appetizers which was this and bread. Complimentary of course.

My funny friend Isaac! Thanks for bringing me there! and we had the best night ever! We were laughing and checking people out! He brings out the worst in me!

We dined al-fresco and we I had the scenery of the whole Sunway Lagoon while I ate but Isaac had the better scenery! The table at the back!

They have a Morroccan mosaic fountain and it feels like I'm in Middle East! The fountain just bubbles as we ate.

I think something is wrong with me ever since I got back from China. The minute I got home, I showered and when the Parentals were sleeping, I sneaked out to "yum cha" with Isaac. Well, Precious started making so much of noise that the Parentals woke up and found out that I was out at 1AM! I'm not sorry, I'm only sorry I got caught!

Then I couldn't sleep till around 4-5AM and I woke up around 10-ish next morning! I didn't have any appetite to eat so I didn't eat anything the whole day and then decided to go to Tarbush with Isaac since I've always wanted to try the food. It was really orgasmic good!

Then walked around Sunway Pyramid till the shops closed and decided that I wanted beer! So, went and "yum cha" again! Got home around 1AM-ish and still couldn't sleep till God knows what time!

Don't really feel well and feel as if there's something wrong with my body. Was having cough and the sniffles. I'm a selfish person so I'm going to Mid Valley tomorrow! Expose myself to the public! ;p

Anyways, It was a really great night and day cause Padrekins bought me an acoustic guitar and we were just searching for chords and I sing while he strums the guitar. I love the new guitar. I'm not an electronic guitar kinda girl!

At night, just had fun with Isaac laughing our asses off, changing song lyrics, checking people out, played around at Machines till they close the shutters and we decided to be AA!!!

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Marrakech Tarbush @ Sunway Pyramid

Middle Eastern Lebanese food at Tarbush!Authentic Middle Eastern concept and food! Was raelly impressed with the menu!

Me and Madrekins had lunch earlier so we couldn't gorge on Lebanese food but we managed to put away their Baklava. It's a dessert, puff pastry and lots of nuts!

A scene of Marrakech!It's just an illustration in the menu!

Even the tables have a Middle Eastern feel to it, don't you think? Each table has a different motif!

You can enjoy this view if you choose to dine al-fresco.. The whole view of Sunway Lagoon! Me suggests you to dine al fresco if there's a beach concert or smtg!! Amazing view, no?

While enjoying the food, the view, the concert (if any!) you can also enjoy Shisha!

Inside a pyramid lies a little lane, smoky aromatic Arabian Oud smelling lane with vibrant colours and Middle Eastern architecture as well as a marketplace where people haggle prices.

Here lies Tarbush, a Lebanese restaurant in a little corner. A marble fountain bubbles to welcome you as the Iranian host shows you to your seat and hands you the menu.

Feel free to try food that you can't even pronounce and learn to enjoy and appreciate it's aroma and taste! Most Middle Eastern food uses lots of herbs and I would strongly recommend Shiish Kebab or Nasi Briyani for the less adventurous.

I personally love a rice dish cook with aubergine and served with herb grilled chicken. For Westerners, there's always Chicken Chop with Tarbush sauce.

Overall, judging by the many Middle Eastern people eating there, I guess it must be a taste from home and it's good. So, go try it out soon ok?

It's located at Marrakech street in Sunnway Pyramid New Wing. Walk straight into a lane once you see shops like Ying Ker Lou and 'Olive and Fig'... Tarbush is located at the end of the lane!

Managed to stuff my whole wardrobe into 1 tiny luggage and settled everything. I'm ready to board my 08:20 flight to Shanghai tomorrow! I'm off to soak the very HOT Shanghai Summer, breathe polluted air and walk amongst 1.3 billion people!!!How cool is that? Ciao.

~you know you trust me~
Michelle May

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Matryoshka Dolls!

This is an A3 sized Matryoshka doll painting that took me 1 whole day to draw and another whole day to paint!Sorry about the watermark kinda thing all over the picture.It's an old fashioned way to prevent others from stealing my work.

This is a little Matryoshka doll that inspired the bigger one! Will draw another A4 sized one, so I can have the full effect of the Matryoshka dolls! I can hang the A3 sized one, followed by the A4 sized one and then this little one! Cute, no???

A Matryoshka (Матрёшка) doll is a Russian legacy. Matryona means mother hence it has something to do with fertility. These dolls has been around since 1890! Thats an impressive 119 YEARS!!!

Since then, Matryoshka is an artform of an object within an object. For those who aren't familiar with Matryoshka dolls, it is a little wooden doll that can be pulled apart in the middle, revealing a similiar doll, only smaller and it can also be pulled apart revealing a smaller doll, and so on for about 5 dolls!

According to wiki, Sergei Maliutin was the first to design the Matryoshka doll and Vasiliy Zvezdochkin was the first to carve the doll and Maliutin was also the one who painted it.

For more information on Matryoshka dolls, WIKI IT or you can learn about other Matryoshkas HERE and HERE.

In my Previous Post I mentioned that I was really obsessed with Matryoshka dolls and since I won't have anyone travelling to or from Russia, I'll just have to paint one myself!

I may not be able to do many things, but I rarely fail in the art department. I can't draw silly theorical stuff but once I really imagine what I want to draw, It'll look exactly the way I imagined it to be on paper.

I'm the type that does everything in my power to get what I want and I really want a Matryoshka doll. The next best thing is a painting and I can really let my imagination go wild!

I take back about what I wrote in my previous post about creating Matryoshka is easy! I take it back. It's God damn awfully difficult to create a painting! I don't know what made me think that I can even do it when I haven't even seen a real life Matryoshka doll before!!

Will have to paint another A4 sized one soon! Will post up the pictures once the all 3 paintings are up! Stay tuned!!

Anyways, do tell me if you thought I failed or was successful. Took me what seemed like an eternity to finish these so, comment only if you have created something waaaay better than mine! Till then, shut up! :p

~you know you matryoshka me~
Michelle May

Delicious food @ Curve

Winter Warmers is me and Madrekins FAVOURITE place to have tea. We especially love the Mixed Fruit Cocktail served cold!

I fell in love with this tea set! It's so old English with the rose motifs!!! Would've been mine if it wasn't expensive!

They have all sorts of tea pots, saucers, tea sets, tea presses, etc! I can't even keep track of it! To me tea is tea, I won't be able to distinguish a 15MYR tea with a 100MYR tea.

The even sell their own tea as seen on the menu! Herbal tea@ 12.90MYR/ Fruit Tea and Flavoured Tea@ 13.90MYR.

It's like tea haven! If I had all of it, I would start drinking tea EVERYDAY!!

I can say that the teas are just so awesome but the Beef Spaghetti is pitiful it's almost pathetic! I can safely say that I make better Spaghetti than that! Would only recommend you to try their lovely teas!

This is a rose tea, Lady Hope tea, etc... Lovely! You can really see the rosebuds in the bottle! Don't know how to make it? No worries... The little jar comes with instructions! ;p (Perfect for tea noobs like me!)

I may not know how to make tea, Milo, Nescafe, coffee, etc but I can sure serve it! Oh, this little jug costs around 9.90MYR!!!

The perfect tea to soothe yourself after a hot day at the flea market!!I discovered another talent! I can tie a cherry stalk into a knot using only my mouth!! Beat that!!

This is some very delicious tasting pork noodles @ Ying Ker Lou!!! I don't consume animal with hooves but well, even Mink eats it so I pretty much make pork an exception! But that doesn't mean I like it! :p

This was really crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside! This is Deep fried Yam Cake (I think!) and it was just delicious!!

This is Yam Abacus! The yam is blended with flour and it has a chewy texture. Served with lots and lots of scallions!!! Just the way I LOVE IT!!! *YUMMY*

Spent the whole Saturday shopping with Madrekins till our legs hurt like hell!! We were at Curve from 10AM all the way till 7PM!!! Shopping is indeed a FULL TIME job!! We were upset that we didn't buy anything last week at 1Utama so, Madrekins HAD TO BUY something and she ended up buying lots!!

I shopped with her for 9 hours and I only managed to get a some bras from Debenhams! I mean, come on!! She got a top from Nichii, another from Debenhams and leggings!! I vote Debenhams my favourite store in Curve now!!! I fell in love with so many clothes!! Well, they were on SALE! I didn't get anything because I'll be going to Shanghai. God, If I don't get anything in China, I'm going back to Debenhams for a shopping spree!!

Anyways, We had lunch at Ying Ker Lou, a Hakka cuisine restaurant. (Take the escalator up beside Kenny Rogers and you're right in front of the restaurant!) I'm not a big fan of chinese food but we wanted to try a different kind of food so we ended up at Ying Ker Lou!

I enjoyed the food immensely! It was unique and oh-so-delicious! I've never quite tasted chinese food like this before!! Madrekins is Hakka and she doesn't even know anything about her own culture!!! Sigh!

We then had tea at our usual Winter Warmers. (Wasn't able to take any pictures besides myself the last time!Sorry!!) I'll always recommend Winter Warmers for tea ANYTIME!!! Love everything about it! Perfect ambiance, perfect deco, perfect, tea, perfect price, perfect menu!!

A friendly tip, Wait for the ice to melt thoroughly in the jug before serving! If you like it thick and syrupy, serve straight away! You like it light and refreshing, wait till the ice melts or pour some ice into your glass! DELICIOUS!!! And the little Marashino cherry is WORTH FIGHTING FOR!!!

~you know you listen to me~
Michelle May