Sunday, July 19, 2009

Delicious food @ Curve

Winter Warmers is me and Madrekins FAVOURITE place to have tea. We especially love the Mixed Fruit Cocktail served cold!

I fell in love with this tea set! It's so old English with the rose motifs!!! Would've been mine if it wasn't expensive!

They have all sorts of tea pots, saucers, tea sets, tea presses, etc! I can't even keep track of it! To me tea is tea, I won't be able to distinguish a 15MYR tea with a 100MYR tea.

The even sell their own tea as seen on the menu! Herbal tea@ 12.90MYR/ Fruit Tea and Flavoured Tea@ 13.90MYR.

It's like tea haven! If I had all of it, I would start drinking tea EVERYDAY!!

I can say that the teas are just so awesome but the Beef Spaghetti is pitiful it's almost pathetic! I can safely say that I make better Spaghetti than that! Would only recommend you to try their lovely teas!

This is a rose tea, Lady Hope tea, etc... Lovely! You can really see the rosebuds in the bottle! Don't know how to make it? No worries... The little jar comes with instructions! ;p (Perfect for tea noobs like me!)

I may not know how to make tea, Milo, Nescafe, coffee, etc but I can sure serve it! Oh, this little jug costs around 9.90MYR!!!

The perfect tea to soothe yourself after a hot day at the flea market!!I discovered another talent! I can tie a cherry stalk into a knot using only my mouth!! Beat that!!

This is some very delicious tasting pork noodles @ Ying Ker Lou!!! I don't consume animal with hooves but well, even Mink eats it so I pretty much make pork an exception! But that doesn't mean I like it! :p

This was really crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside! This is Deep fried Yam Cake (I think!) and it was just delicious!!

This is Yam Abacus! The yam is blended with flour and it has a chewy texture. Served with lots and lots of scallions!!! Just the way I LOVE IT!!! *YUMMY*

Spent the whole Saturday shopping with Madrekins till our legs hurt like hell!! We were at Curve from 10AM all the way till 7PM!!! Shopping is indeed a FULL TIME job!! We were upset that we didn't buy anything last week at 1Utama so, Madrekins HAD TO BUY something and she ended up buying lots!!

I shopped with her for 9 hours and I only managed to get a some bras from Debenhams! I mean, come on!! She got a top from Nichii, another from Debenhams and leggings!! I vote Debenhams my favourite store in Curve now!!! I fell in love with so many clothes!! Well, they were on SALE! I didn't get anything because I'll be going to Shanghai. God, If I don't get anything in China, I'm going back to Debenhams for a shopping spree!!

Anyways, We had lunch at Ying Ker Lou, a Hakka cuisine restaurant. (Take the escalator up beside Kenny Rogers and you're right in front of the restaurant!) I'm not a big fan of chinese food but we wanted to try a different kind of food so we ended up at Ying Ker Lou!

I enjoyed the food immensely! It was unique and oh-so-delicious! I've never quite tasted chinese food like this before!! Madrekins is Hakka and she doesn't even know anything about her own culture!!! Sigh!

We then had tea at our usual Winter Warmers. (Wasn't able to take any pictures besides myself the last time!Sorry!!) I'll always recommend Winter Warmers for tea ANYTIME!!! Love everything about it! Perfect ambiance, perfect deco, perfect, tea, perfect price, perfect menu!!

A friendly tip, Wait for the ice to melt thoroughly in the jug before serving! If you like it thick and syrupy, serve straight away! You like it light and refreshing, wait till the ice melts or pour some ice into your glass! DELICIOUS!!! And the little Marashino cherry is WORTH FIGHTING FOR!!!

~you know you listen to me~
Michelle May

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xiying said...

me luv winter warmers too.. duh haha.. been thr few time ..n luv d ice cold mixed fruits. we should go 1 day lol