Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Japanese Hand Painted Deco

The picture of a geisha sleeping amongst blooming cherry blossoms.

A girl in her traditional costume looking so adorable and pretty!

An adorable little girl holding a dollie looking so happy amongst butterflies in a pretty floral kimono.

It's perfect for hiding things like a room!

I love that it's so unique and functional at the same time. I even bought it at a really cheap price of just 50MYR which was a bargain! Come on, it took me 3 minutes to put it up! No nails, no hammers, just brains! ;p

To surpress unhappy feelings, I tend to purchase things on a whim. While browsing through Curve's fleamarket, I found this little curtain/deco/panel at Le Tresor Galleria and it was fabulous.

At that time, it's just what I needed and for a mere 50MYR, HOW COULD I NOT PURCHASE IT? IT'S A STEAL!!! I've always been a cultural person. (Travelling makes one refined culturally, as well as upbringing, literature and private education!)

Now my room is a little world. A little Japanese to welcome you into my humble abode and you'll be fascinated by my Spanish books, autographed biographies, limited edition bottles of beer, a whole vase of bunga telor, a Chinese concubine's painted nail, souvenirs from Holland, Africa, China, Thailand, Aussie, Paris, England, London, France, etc... (I know the last 4 is actually 2 coz Country and City! I cheated!)

Recently, drama happened and this involves guy R which I think has an unhealthy obsession with XY. I mean, if a person keep giving negative comments on the way you live your life and the way you choose to live your life, what do you call people like that?

Well, I just learned that R is so fcuking ignorant making sentences like: "Do the English Language have lost their standards ? looking @ my newsfeed shows many bad sentences.... i to have made spelling errors and word constructions error but not to the whole sentence."

I was defending people that aren't native English speakers but he misunderstood me as defending xy and went "wondering why people are defending people that are just putting a farsade?" on his Facebook status.

He's speaking through his arsehole like some uneducated hillbilly! He's not even aware of how stupid and ignorant he sounds! As I can see it, he's just lacking in attention and since none of us involves him in any of our plans, this is just a PATHETIC attempt to "get back at everyone" Besides, he really overstepped my patience this time.

Another thing I don't understand is that XY who just sits around, lets him do and say everything he wants (which is mostly bad!) about her and she goes and complain to Mr. and Ms. (authoritative figure) I think that she seriously have to fight her own battles.

I'm not asking her to go all out and fight with him, at least say something so that people know her part of her story. Her modus operandi is to just do nothing and let the 2 authoritative figures handle R because she thinks it's pointless to say anything.

Just so that he's clear, what he can do, I can do so much better! He have no idea who he's messing with. I'm not going to let some low life like that bring me down. I'm better than that! I'm luckier than him in every way. Especially since my parents give me enough attention that I don't have to stoop so low to get attention!

Dear R, I dedicate Lily Allen's Fuck You for your listening pleasure. Please also read the aesthetically pleasing, conveniently placed lyrics for your enlightenment!

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

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