Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Larien Love

All this time I was busy with something but I didn't tell anyone for the fear of jinxing it! Today, everything has paid off and everything is ready to be revealed! For the past months, I've been busy with my little boutique (online, of course!)

Meaning that I've been shopping and planning the business. The business is called Larien Love Collection and it's the child of the 3 of us; Wee Xiying, Aaron Tam and I! Well, shopping for the stock is mainly done by the 2 of them and I can assure you that XY and AT have great tastes!

We sell mainly summer dresses, dresses and home made arts and crafts. We personally hand picked and sourced for the highest quality, prettiest dresses at affordable prices so we can pass it on to you! You can call us the IKEA of clothes.

The dresses are so pretty that I've ended up hoarding a few of it for myself! We only sell things that are good enough to wear ourselves! If we won't wear it, We don't expect you to wear it either! Anyways, PLEASE, PLEASE CHECK US OUT!!! Larien Love Collection

In conjuction on the launch of the brand, we're throwing a little pool side party! ALL ARE INVITED and please bring along some cash, I PROMISE that there will be something for EVERYONE!!! It's a pool party so, sit back, relax, enjoy and shop!!!

~you know you heart me~
Michelle May

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