Sunday, July 19, 2009

Matryoshka Dolls!

This is an A3 sized Matryoshka doll painting that took me 1 whole day to draw and another whole day to paint!Sorry about the watermark kinda thing all over the picture.It's an old fashioned way to prevent others from stealing my work.

This is a little Matryoshka doll that inspired the bigger one! Will draw another A4 sized one, so I can have the full effect of the Matryoshka dolls! I can hang the A3 sized one, followed by the A4 sized one and then this little one! Cute, no???

A Matryoshka (Матрёшка) doll is a Russian legacy. Matryona means mother hence it has something to do with fertility. These dolls has been around since 1890! Thats an impressive 119 YEARS!!!

Since then, Matryoshka is an artform of an object within an object. For those who aren't familiar with Matryoshka dolls, it is a little wooden doll that can be pulled apart in the middle, revealing a similiar doll, only smaller and it can also be pulled apart revealing a smaller doll, and so on for about 5 dolls!

According to wiki, Sergei Maliutin was the first to design the Matryoshka doll and Vasiliy Zvezdochkin was the first to carve the doll and Maliutin was also the one who painted it.

For more information on Matryoshka dolls, WIKI IT or you can learn about other Matryoshkas HERE and HERE.

In my Previous Post I mentioned that I was really obsessed with Matryoshka dolls and since I won't have anyone travelling to or from Russia, I'll just have to paint one myself!

I may not be able to do many things, but I rarely fail in the art department. I can't draw silly theorical stuff but once I really imagine what I want to draw, It'll look exactly the way I imagined it to be on paper.

I'm the type that does everything in my power to get what I want and I really want a Matryoshka doll. The next best thing is a painting and I can really let my imagination go wild!

I take back about what I wrote in my previous post about creating Matryoshka is easy! I take it back. It's God damn awfully difficult to create a painting! I don't know what made me think that I can even do it when I haven't even seen a real life Matryoshka doll before!!

Will have to paint another A4 sized one soon! Will post up the pictures once the all 3 paintings are up! Stay tuned!!

Anyways, do tell me if you thought I failed or was successful. Took me what seemed like an eternity to finish these so, comment only if you have created something waaaay better than mine! Till then, shut up! :p

~you know you matryoshka me~
Michelle May

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