Sunday, July 12, 2009

Modelling Session Part II

One of our PINK off shoulder summer dress! Really sweet and pretty!

Sexy little grey dress! Didn't you know? Grey is the new black... Just Kidding!

The little blue butterfly tube dress. So cute, so flirty and so comfy!

Floral summer dress thats cute and comfortable. It's a simple dress and basic cutting that flatters the body!

Putting on some accessories before more pictures are taken.

2 tone dress. Can be formal or informal depending on the situation. Very versatile.

Preparing to change into more clothes!

It's so nice to have a BF like AT who's ever so supportive and an excellent taste!

Naughty animal printed dress! Brings out the animal in you! *RAWR*

Vintage simple summer floral dress. Perfect for those days where you just wanna chill and yet look put together...

The great thing about being involved in a clothing business is the shopping and the photography sessions. I personally love shopping. It's my passion. XY on the other hand is the one that have the patience to slowly shop and hunt for bargains.

It's so great to see her and AT together because she will pick an item up and AT will be actively participating in the decision. All decisions made are made by those two! I mean, AT have excellent taste! (We brought him up well!) and he's the only guy who doen't think that cinchers are some species of an insect!

Well, after our first modelling session and we sold quite a lot of stuff and got some money, we decided to buy more and have a second photo shoot! Of course, we don't believe in home photography cause it's not aesthetically pleasing to the eye!

This time, we had the photo shoot at the Rainforest at 1 Utama! I love the rainforest concept! Anyways, here's some spontaneous and random behind-the-scenes shot! Hope you enjoy it!! Check out more of our stuff at Larien Love

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Michelle May

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