Thursday, July 30, 2009

Shanghai/Hangzhou 2009

This picture was taken at the Westlake in Hangzhou with Ili and Isabella from Austria. She's really friendly and nice. Me and Ili look so weird coz we were under the rain!

This was also taken at the Westlake at Hangzhou. The scenery was just so awesomely beautiful!!!

This was behind some alley at Hangzhou. Everything there was dirt cheap but I didn't buy anything. It's a little "Margorium" of sorts!

This was the Palace street in Shanghai. During the night, the whole place comes to life with beautiful lights highlighting the beautiful ancient Chinese architecture.

The whole Place street in Shanghai comes to life at night! During the day, it's ancient China... During the night, It's Viva La Chine!!!

I love being in Shanghai. It's just so beautiful. And they have a standalone Haagen Daazs!!

Ili's mom and I. Take a look at the Chinese building behind, AWESOME RIGHT??? This is in Shanghai.

The hotel was Shangri-La in Shanghai. It was just gorgeous!!! Right in the city, 3 minutes away from Jin Tao tower.

Ili and I at the JinTao tower in Shanghai. BTW, It's the WORLD'S 4th tallest tower for broadcast.

Vivian, ili'm mom and I with Jackie Chan himself!!! LOL! It's just Madame Toussauds in Shanghai!

The whole view of Shanghai!!! I'm in Shanghai, BABY!!! Chink rules!

Me, Ili's mom, Ili and Vivian! We had one thing in common.. We were all bleeding love once we arrived in Shanghai!

in 2010, Shanghai will host an expo. So, this little blue guy is everywhere!!! He's sooooo fake!

The funniest incident happened the minute I arrived at Xiaoshan International Airport and I got quarantined! Don't worry, I don't have H1N1 (swine flu!) they had a problem with their stupid instrument!!!

The goodbye day at Hangzhou hotel. The whole familia before we take off to the airport.

I was trying to blend in too hard! I wore a Chinese inspired dress and the next thing I know, I got drenched in the rain!!! This is Hangzhou for you... Oh, this was taken on board a boat at Westlake in Hangzhou.

There's 1.3 Billion people in China and 1.2 Billion of them is in China and Hangzhou!!! There's so many people that you have to queue and you can't walk without bumping into them!

This was taken in Shanghai and most buildings there are beautiful in architectural design! You have not been in Shanghai if you never been to The Bund!

The Palace street at Shanghai has EVERYTHING!!! I was so happy I found my Terracotta army and some handmade handicrafts for Naledi Paledi, Naledi, Carol and Chynar! It's just little tokens, nothing much but it's very Chinese!

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Anyways, the trip was really awesome and a new experience. None of us knew that Shanghai is 2 hours away from the airport BY TRAIN! We left Malaysia at 8AM and we only check into our hotel in Shanghai at 8PM!!! We were so tired, we just slept!

China have no interst in foreigners unlike Malaysia where foreigners rule! Hotels won't even let you have a room if you're a foreigner! Being in China, I feel dumb and deaf. I can't speak or understand them. So difficult to communicate with them.

Food is another issue. I'm not used to the food over there. It all tastes weird and it just doesn't sit well in my stomach! Ended up eating McD's and KFC! I'm actually craving for KFC's Dragon roll!!! OMG! Orgasmic!!!

People are very rude and crossing the roads are a nightmare!!! When the light turns green, it means we can walk but in China, cars don't have to stop even though the pedestrian light is green. That means cars are coming at you from ALL directions when you're crossing the road. None of the lights are red! EVERYONE has the right of way!

Stuff there is quite cheap especially foodstuff and crafts! I was disappointed that I didn't get to visit the Bund in Shanghai, walk around the Westlake in Hangzhou and bought clothes. Clothes there are kinda chinky so not really worth buying!

Anyways, I had fun and experienced lots of new stuff! Might be going to Tarbush for dinner with Isaac tonight!!! Middle Eastern food taste soooo goood right now! and will be going karaoke with EVERYONE tomorrow! Really gonna miss Ili, Ann and Isaac once they leave in August!

~you know you envy me~
Michelle May

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