Sunday, July 19, 2009

Some Random Musings.

Time really do fly by. The last time we counted, Ann and Ili had around 8-9 Fridays to catch up on goss and 411 but now, we're left with 3 Fridays excluding 1 where me and Ili will be in Shanghai!

Before Ili came back, we all expected her to act the way before she left; Dicks BEFORE Chicks but this time, she really proved herself as a member of Club Friday. Unfortunately, things are a little downhill with Hindraf because she's PRE-ILI.

I've been pretty much been bumming around for the past 2 months and I can't believe Uni is starting soon!!! I haven't even registered my subject (BAD MICHELLE!!!) I have an article pending for KDU Alumni (I'm an ALUMNI!!) and I haven't even started looking for a job!! (Decided to take only 1 subject next sem so, mite as well work for 1 whole sem!!) I know... I'm such a procrastinator. I should've been done with all these 2 months ago!

I honestly can't remember a single thing that I did the past 2 months!!! 2 months ago, I had a whole TO-DO list!!! From getting a job, reading ALL my books, doing my frames, cathing up with tv series and movies, etc and I'm shy to say that I didn't even do a single thing on my list!

Will have to rush 2 months worth of To-Dos in 1 week! Gosh, everyone is leaving in August!!! Ili, Ann, Isaac... All my BFFs... I'm gonna join Gossip Girl's Dan aka LonelyBoy@bronx very soon... LonelyGirl@KL sounds catchy enough?? I think it sounds like some internet sex chat name! LonelyGirl@bronx souns good... One problem.. I'm not in Bronx! Any suggestions?

I just can't take it anymore when she leaves but at least we had 5 Fridays together and 6 if you count Shanghai! I've been really thankful of my life that I can rename myself Thankful Goh!!! LOL!

I've been surprised that the Parentals took my trip so.... graciously. I've even expected them to cause some form of drama but wow! This is new. Maybe they felt guilty for not letting me attend the AMUNC trip.

This week has been hectic and I still managed to watch a movie with the lovebirds. This time we watched Obsessed which was *looking for appropriate synonyms to the words great and awesome* Ali Larter of Heroes fame really brought the meaning of delusional to a whole new level and Beyonce as usual was a star. I really enjyed the Hoedown Throwdown between those two! The movie is only 1H45M and I don't think it should get any longer. At first the movie was kinda too slow for my liking (I'm an action kinda girl!) but once it picks up speed, it's not that bad and I enjoyed it!

Recently, I've decided to keep in otuch with my creative side. Well, I used to do paintings last time and some abstract art and now, I'm into drawing Matryoshkas!!! It's so easy to design and painting it would be so pretty!! (I haven't quite painted any yet!)

After the whole rock climbing adventure, I've decided to take up golf! I know you may think it's a game for rich, old men but there's something about clubbing those balls!!! Besides that, it's just so stress relieving to club those balls as hard as I can!!! Would really appreciate it if someone could show me the ropes and how to hit with precision! Anyone???

Anyways, I finally got my chinese visa so next Friday at 0810hours, I'll be leaving on the jetplane (D72602) for Shanghai, People's Republic of CHINA!!! Don't bother missing me because I definitely won't have the time to miss you!!!

~you know you envy me~
Michelle May

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