Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tarbush at Night with Isaac!

The servings were HUGE and it was muy delicioso!!! I loved it here!

This is Isaac's dish called Tarbush Mixed Grill and it has chicken, lamb, bread, some assortments! I liked it too...

This is my dish called Chicken Maklouba. 1/2 a chicken with eggplant and rice.

If you're here, you have to try the Arabian tea! It's Ceylon tea with mint and no worries, it's refill-able!

The teapot is so Arabic right? I liked the design. But it's metal so, the whole pot was really hot!

They served us appetizers which was this and bread. Complimentary of course.

My funny friend Isaac! Thanks for bringing me there! and we had the best night ever! We were laughing and checking people out! He brings out the worst in me!

We dined al-fresco and we I had the scenery of the whole Sunway Lagoon while I ate but Isaac had the better scenery! The table at the back!

They have a Morroccan mosaic fountain and it feels like I'm in Middle East! The fountain just bubbles as we ate.

I think something is wrong with me ever since I got back from China. The minute I got home, I showered and when the Parentals were sleeping, I sneaked out to "yum cha" with Isaac. Well, Precious started making so much of noise that the Parentals woke up and found out that I was out at 1AM! I'm not sorry, I'm only sorry I got caught!

Then I couldn't sleep till around 4-5AM and I woke up around 10-ish next morning! I didn't have any appetite to eat so I didn't eat anything the whole day and then decided to go to Tarbush with Isaac since I've always wanted to try the food. It was really orgasmic good!

Then walked around Sunway Pyramid till the shops closed and decided that I wanted beer! So, went and "yum cha" again! Got home around 1AM-ish and still couldn't sleep till God knows what time!

Don't really feel well and feel as if there's something wrong with my body. Was having cough and the sniffles. I'm a selfish person so I'm going to Mid Valley tomorrow! Expose myself to the public! ;p

Anyways, It was a really great night and day cause Padrekins bought me an acoustic guitar and we were just searching for chords and I sing while he strums the guitar. I love the new guitar. I'm not an electronic guitar kinda girl!

At night, just had fun with Isaac laughing our asses off, changing song lyrics, checking people out, played around at Machines till they close the shutters and we decided to be AA!!!

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

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