Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Vintage the New Modern

My latest vintage taste is pretty much inspired by Alix:TheCherryBlossomGirl, Lauren:BloomingLeopold and Rhiannon:LiebeMarlene.

I've always loved culture and traditions. It's interesting what an old piece of vintage can tell you! There's normally a turbulent history behind these vintage pieces. It makes me happy to imagine what happened when old paint was chipped off a piece or little defects.

Pieces of vintage is like the human body. It record events. I remember each and every scar. Right now I have tiny scratches on my calves from my recent snorkelling trip and it was caused by those darned corals. Like our bodies, these vintage pieces like LiebeMarlene's collection of old photographs have actual events behind it. Sometimes, it could be sad or happy.. depends on how you interpret it.

I recently picked up a few pieces of vintage deco such as the porcelain rabbit and windmill and I have some pretty little knick knacks from all around the world! Anyways, a church acquantance was moving back to Scotland and they had a garage sale to clear all their belongings and of course I'm estatic that I found some cute vintage stuff!

I got this 3D Teddy box for my birthday years ago. Gift from cousin Natalie and mom.

I just received my hand painted Bruce from Stratford-upon-Avon, England. It's a classic masterpiece is hand painted and the paint is hand blended ensuring each piece is a unique masterpiece!

I was really lucky I got this at a clearance and it's beautiful! I hang it on my wall to hang jewellery on it.

My little vintage corner. Little knick knacks from everywhere!

I picked this up at the garage sale I mentioned earlier! I think it's an African tribal spoon. Unique right?

I got this off a friend from Hong Kong 7 years ago. It's an old sewing bell. I have no idea what it is but not many people have this!

I got from the garage sale as well. It's an old spice tin used in England. I just love it's "old worldness"

I love this piece that I also picked up from the garage sale. She told me it's from Holland. A pretty functioning hand painted porcelain windmill!

I got this from Madrekins boss from India as a souvenir 5 years ago. It's hand carved to perfection!

This is my favourite piece of them all!!! A vintage hand painted rabbit coin box from Holland! You guessed right, I got it from the garage sale again! It's beautiful motifs are just so mind blowing! I fell in love with it and it's also because I'm born in the year of the Rabbit! Besides, it was a steal!

Vintage stuff doesn't mean old, dusty antique stuff in yo mama's attic! It could be old forgotten knick knacks that you used to love or quirky, unique little souvenirs that reminds you of countries you want to visit.

I'm not a big fan of home deco and I've never really liked my living space filled with stuff but I changed my mind. I dug out stuff that means a lot to me and whenever people ask me about it, I feel like I remember friends who gave me those little stuff!

Oh, before you throw anything away, please give me a call? I would love to go through your old stuff... Thanks!

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

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