Saturday, August 29, 2009

KKLUB Charity Sports Day

The setting of the club is amidst a lot of greens! Just the way I like it! That was the tennis court.

The lobby / lounge. After a whole day of sports, I just need to relax and read a book!

Yan Yan giving "moral support" while we played badminton. Like what Mr. Raj said, "We're just playing for fun!!!"

The one on the left in the black T0shirt is Giri... The best badminton player but I guess other players were waaaay better! To quote Mr. Raj, "We ALMOST WON.... by 21 points!!!"

This is just one part of the pool! This is the venue for water polo!!! I was too warm from badminton and the weather was too hot so I decided to jump into the sparkling pool!!! *REFRESHING*

OK, After I take a picture or two or some cam whore pictures, I decided to jump into the pool!!!

Was trying to see if I die in the pool, would I look like this or would I look like some dried prunes! It a scene out of CSI!!! Don't they wanna "post mortem" me??? LOL!

Mr. Raj told us to "come or else...." so we, as in Yan Yan, Madrekins, Me, Pat, Param and their 2 daughters HAD to attend a charity sports day. We played hours of badminton, volley ball and water polo! I swam and my whole body ached because it's not used to so much of activities in 1 day!!!

He dragged his brothers, Anand and Giri to attend also and we're known as Team Independent! Mr. Raj is funny and we all had fun even though we didn't win anything except body ache! The club was really nice and huge!!! It has everything!!!

Well, we did have fun as Mr. Raj promised and had a good work out! The best, in fact! I never knew I was the sporty kinda girl!!! I mean, I do know how to play volley ball and water polo and i used to be able to trash guy's asses in BB back in high school wearing my Baju Kurung but time has changed!

Right now, the only form of "sports" I do is studying, travelling, shopping, watching F1 and the most is badminton! If we had moved to the new house, I would've took up more sports! I love swimming and I still love BB until now. Unfortunately, no one plays BB with me! Ah, I love cycling too!!! I could cycle for hours!!

Too bad, Darrell didn't maintain the bike well and the bike is now a road hazard!!! I can't stop and it can't even move!!! Anyways, one of my cupcake shoppe has been re-modelled!!! Next post once I get the pictures!!! Me PROMISE!

Jalan Melawati 3, Taman Melawati,
Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur 53100

~you know I'm sporty~
Michelle May

Monday, August 24, 2009

Cameron Highlands (CH)

I finally have the time to "inspect" flowers! I was shivering... I love it here but the cold is too much!

There's so many cactus for sale and they're so lovely!!! I love it in tiny, tiny pots!

No veges can be fresher than those from Camerons! Mushroom, Cabbages, Carrots, Corn even taste sweeter here!

They have this snack where they deep fried musrooms, Golden mushrooms, Button mushrooms and it tastes AMAZING!!! Out of this world!!! So delicious!!!

Madrekins was like a little kid! She was so excited to pluck strawberries! She was like, "Look! Isn't it cute??"

It costs around 20MYR for the whole tray. Around 1/2 a KG.. Not bad cause we plucked it ourselves!

The strawberry farm is located right next to Equatorial Hotel and it's called EQ Strawberry Farm and further down is the turn off to Boh Tea Plantation.

Besides selling strawberries, they have fresh mushrooms as well! These are ready to be harvested already!

These are where Oyster Mushrooms are bred! These are considered as babies and they can't be harvested yet!

We visited the Boh Tea Plantation in Sg. Palas and let me tell you that the journey there is so dangerous! It's a tiny, narrow road enough for 1 car and if a car from another direction is coming, be prepared to stop!

They renovated the place since the last time we went there. Now, the building is a modern architecture not some open air, scattered seating concept amidst the plantation. Honestly, I prefer the older concept! This concept just doesn't cut it with me even though it's beautiful mod architecture!

The view of the whole plantation. Well, not the whole plantation but PART of it. It's so beautiful!

The minute you turn into the dirt road, you'll be greeted with tea leaves ALL THE WAY to the plantation.

Even the interiors have changed, Now it has an amphitheater or a screening room! Visitors are greeted with banners of Boh Tea history all the way to the cafe!

There's a free tour of the factory but due to time constraints we couldn't visit the factory.

The view amidst the foliages from the hotel. It was rainy so you can imagine how cold it was just walking around there!

I took time to smell the flowers and now I know how flowers smell like! Flowers thrive in this habitat and there's just so many gorgeous fleurs!

Madrekins shielding herself from the cold winds! Nah, it's just for photo taking!

Roses here are HUGE!!! I have never seen such HUGE roses in KL! Rosa, Rosen, Whatever language, roses are love!

At Equatorial Hotel lobby. They have an old fashioned fire place and I LOVE it!!!

For ALL 116 pictures, you can click HERE.

We went to Ipoh for breakfast and bought Ipoh stuff like salted chicken, swiss rolls and etc. Then decided to drive up to Cameron for some fresh air and a change of scenery. Now Padrekins love going places as a FAMILY. Family means Him, Madrekins and I.

We thought of going to Penang but Cameron won because we haven't been there in ages and I went to Penang just 2 months ago. The weather was so cold since it was raining all the way up to Camerons and at Camerons itself. Cold winds was blowing and as expected, my Forever21 Peasant top couldn't save me from the cold!

I slept all the way up AND down and the flu lasted 1 whole day and including today. Camerons was really nice! I loved everything about it. The concept of sipping tea, eating scones and running around in a tea plantation!

Of course me and Madrekins enjoyed plucking strawberries and eating deep friend mushrooms and raw corn! If only we had more time to go for the tea factory tour, butterfly farm and bee farm. We left Cameron after 4PM and came back to KL.

We went to Mid Valley on Saturday and I spotted the MOST AMAZING, ULTIMATUM Coach watch!!! It wasn't that expensive at only 1800MYR!!! (Some girls collect handbags, shoes, etc but I collect watches!) Bugged the Parentals to get it for me for my birthday and they said YES!!! But now I found another one that I liked in Coach USA and I was thinking which one I should get? It costs almost the same... *HEADACHE*

Anyways, I've decided that I'm much better off without ANONYMOUS. I'm spoilt and my parents can get me whatever I want. If I want love, I can jolly well get it from Precious. I can live with the occasional memory of Anonymous. I will LIVE HAPPY!

~you know I'm happy~
Michelle May

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Colonial Coliseum.

Decided to embrace my "heritage" and so I ordered the Chinese Chicken Chop. (Chinese people shouldn't attempt to cook Western food!)

Madrekins Turkey Ham and Chicken. It was better than mine! In fact, it was delicioso!

Padrekins Spring Chicken. Well, he likes spring chicken so it was good for him!

It's not only a restaurant, it's also a bar and a hotel! How awesome is that! Perfect if you wanna meet that backpacking foreigner!

It's all sorts of shops from across Coliseum. You can get knick knacks, bags, fabrics, food, etc.. In fact, it's walking distance from Sogo!

I'd figure that it looks like this if I had visited 20-30 years ago! FYI, it was established in 1921 and it's one of the oldest in the country!

This is one of Padrekins favourite place. Though Madrekins insist that I've been here, I have no memories whatsoever!

It's still decorated with hooks(from the hotel!) and old porcelain plates! Deco is really minimal and once you walk through the door, it's like you've been transported back in time!

The cafe is just small, cosy and very, very old! Don't worry, it's been featured in Lonely Planet..

When Madrekins suggested Coliseum, I was estatic. I haven't been there and it would make a great blog post since its very neo-colonial. Besides, it's so old, it's 89 YEARS OLD!!! Beat that!

The deco is very minimal and the structure of the building has not changed since 1921.The extensive menu, with more than 300 items to choose from, comprises both western and local fare. There is also a pub that serves both alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails.

Well, I really did enjoyed my dinner here and do try it. I hope that it doesn't have to make way for "developement" like all other old buildings!

Coliseum Cafe
98-100 Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman
Kuala Lumpur
50100 Malaysia
+60 3 2692 6270

~you know you want to~
Michelle May

Just Random Thoughts!

Well, I've been depressed lately... Everyone has either left or are leaving.. My dear Isaac has left to Nebraska without saying goodbye as if I don't mean a thing to him and Michael is going back to Zimbabwe and I'm gonna miss his texts!!!!

The Parentals has noticed my depression and decided to take me to Camerons to see lovely flowers and pluck strawberries!!! (Not forgetting the scones and tea!) Gosh! I'm so spoilt, I KNOW!!! I mean, Padrekins actually paid for my shopping spree which ran into hundreds in a day! I'm an emotional shopper, ok?

Lots of things happened... I once thought ANONYMOUS was priceless and meant the world to me but now, ANONYMOUS means nothing to me. Call me a heartless biatch but I don't really fcuking care if they live or not. Life is full of surprises, one minute they're priceless, and the next, they mean nothing, nothing at all.

Looking back, I can't believe how stupid and naive I was! Maybe Ili was right, MY HEART IS A WHORE! Lucky I had Edward and my Piano Man to cheer me up. Edward draws funny cartoons and it makes me laugh while Piano Man plays songs that makes me smile. He plays Pretty Woman and La Vie en Rose for me EVERYTIME WITHOUT FAIL!!!

Right now, I'm just gonna focus on my projects. I have lots of artsy stuff to finish; my frames, my paintings, and my artworks, I have to finish writing my 2000 words essay on professionalism, finalize some NGOs preferably on Human Rights, enjoy my trip to Camerons, read Fidel Castro's My Life, Check British Council and UK universities for scholarships, Double checking the requirements to be a UN Volunteer, Making travel plans for end of this year, learn the guitar and harassing the vet for a job. (Interesting, since I just uploaded my whole To-Do List here!)

I know what I want and I know it requires sacrifices. That means no more distractions, boys, outings and etc... I don't really mind not having any social life, "Know your aim and keep your head in the game!!!" (Please credit me, I created it!)

I used to be so happy, but after a few months of happiness, I'm back to being depressed. I don't wanna see your face ever again, I don't wanna talk to you ever again, I don't wanna remember you ever again and I just need you to let me go. Fcuk the memories, I don't need them...

I can't fcuking wait to get outta here.... I thought that by going away, I would forget you... It didn't work. OK, I'm spewinng nonsical bullshit so I'm just gonna stop. It's not the first time.... Oh, yea, SUMO Concept: Suck-it Up and Move On.. or was it Shut Up and Move On? Either way, it works brilliantly!

~you know i fcuking hate you~
Michelle May

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Friday With The Americans and the Taiwanese!

She loves the word MALAYSIAN!!

She's so cute isn't she???

She called this picture; THE MALAYSIANS!!! L-R: Joanne, Ili and I. (She's lying! We're not really Malaysians!)

The Taiwanese and I @Camp5!

The whole group of us @ Camp5! L-R: Joanne,Janice,Ili, Me and Soon Seng!

The NEIGHBOURS: The Hongkie and The Taiwanese!

Janice and Ili!

Joanne and Ili.

Joanne and I.

This was really a long delayed post but Janice (The Taiwanese) went back to Taiwan and left her SD Card at Joanne's. So, Ili has been back in KC for 3 weeks now and Joanne decided to stopover at Taiwan on her way back to KC to visit Janice.

Just got my hands on the pictures of the good times! Janice was really fun and I think she will also be going back to KC to visit Ili and Joanne! Already I miss them so much! Today, Isaac decided to go to Nebraska without saying goodbye. I will never forgive him until he returns with my stuff!

Been an EVENTFUL week. Can't wait to leave KL!!! If possible, I NEED to leave Malaysia! Parentals already planned to go to Camerons this weekend. Can't wait. Under the circumstances, Camerons is the furthest I can go right now.

I just can't wait till the end of this year! I'm counting down right now. I just can't wait till I can leave Malaysia for good, PERMANENTLY. I used to think that I have so many people and my whole life here but then I realized that I have nothing except my Parentals and Precious. (Which can travel all the way to where i'll be!)

Besides them, I don't think I care enough of anyone else to bother about staying. What I need is a fresh start and a new environment. I'm sorry to say this but no one here is worth staying for maybe except my grandma but she's understanding!

I can't do this to myself anymore. I don't wanna put myself through all this anymore and I think I deserve to be happy. As long as I'm here, I don't think I could be happy. Everywhere reminds me of ANONYMOUS. Down the road, maybe I will feel happy. Maybe I'm just upset today. We'll see.

~you know I have to leave~
Michelle May

Sunday, August 16, 2009

What My Heart Wants to Say

The restaurant is all little huts and palm trees! Perfect for "tanni" sessions and erm, lunch!

You can find people selling all sorts of stuffs; from Pakistani marble goblets to weird baskets!

Madrekins deciding what to order and thinking so hard! In the end, we ordered calamari, noodle and chicken!

The ride to that place was around an hour so I had to find ways to entertain myself! Decided to cam whore to test the SE phone's resolution/specs...

The restaurant is called Telok Gong. Not bad for seafood but doubt anyone could find it...

I feel like running away again... I shouldn't make it into a habit, but I just can't help it. This time I'm thinking either Singapore or Genting just for 1 DAY! Maybe I've never really grown up... I still run away from my problems...

Will be going to Cameron as soon as we've planned with the Parentals. Today, we went to somewhere in Banting for lunch. I've learnt that you can't trust people, you can only trust inanimate objects, alcohol and animals. I can be so naive.

After the shopping spree/ retail theraphy yesterday, Padrekins paid for EVERYTHING!!! *YAY* That means I still have money to shop! Whenever there's a word theraphy, you know you have to pay!

You know, it's so easy to make me fall in love. My heart's a whore... Now, my recent crush is a Piano Man! Won't tell you much about him but you may have even seen him but you just have no idea!

~you know you get me~
Michelle May