Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Al-Jazeera: Simon Harrison

This is a long overdue post because Samuel Lee refused to give me the pictures until I begged and grovelled for months!!! It was supposed to be published on the 21st of August 2009! LOL! Anyways, it was a very interesting talk about Al Jazeera. Personally, I'm not a fan of the media world even though my area of study is about the media.

One of the main concern is that the media is constantly manipulating those who are not well educated. The first thing we studied about television is that TV is a medium for the uneducated because unlike newspapers; you need to know how to read. Technically, TV is for people who are lazy and stupid because one doesn't need skills to use the TV.

Those who watched Russell Peters (the comedian!) would also know that he said the media especially TV is very suggestive. The will first show a picture of Chinese people and the next image is a car crash, or the will show a picture of Arabs and the next image is an explosion.. They present it in a tasteful manner like, What do you think? and people who are watching it will go, "HA!! I KNEW IT!!!"

This is called racial profiling and stereotyping. Whatever happened to the true essence of TV? TV as a form of entertainment and news which are informative not suggestive! Anyways, it's just my 2 cents worth and it doesn't mean anything.

Back to the talk, it was a good and informative since we're more aware of Al Jazeera works.

Credit goes to Samuel Lee for the pictures! Thank you so much and now, could I please have the final presentation pictures?

~you know I will~
Michelle May

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