Sunday, August 09, 2009

Artsy Me Pt. 2!

This piece is titled "Hand of Love" and it's the closest I can get to the fine art of Chinese paper cutting. This was done back in year 2007!

This piece is titled "Parisienne Butterflies" and it's painstakingly the most difficult piece because you have to cut the butterflies shape finely into those little silver and gold butterflies! This was done back in year 2006!

I was so inspired by twitter and my new bed spread that I drew this! It's just a rough outline/sketch but will take you through the whole process! I start with drawing it using a pencil on a high quality paper.

Then, I use a thick BLACK pen and a thinner black pen to outline the whole painting. After that, you will have to erase ALL visible pencil marks.

This is the part where I colour it using coloured pencils that doubles as water colours! I suggest Staedler as they are GOD SENT!!! I've never used ANY other brands since I was 11 years old!

Lastly, carefully use a brush to turn the colours into a nice water colour effect! I swear by traditional Chinese calligraphy brushes but let me warn you, they're more difficult to work with!If you can't find it, Any brush will do!

I've been depressed lately and hence, I'm bombarding thee with all my art work! I think I'm feeling much better already! I promise you that this is the last part of my artworks!

Let me end this memorable week by telling you what happened. Met Ili for the last time before she leaves Malaysia on Tuesday for Karaoke! Then went shopping with Madrekins and dinner with Yan Yan on Wednesday. My bro, Darrell Ming decided to crash the car on Thursday! The highlight was, I kinda sprained my ankle again and Ili left on Friday!!

Ann will be leaving tomorrow morning and Isaac will be leaving by the end of August! I really hate it when people leave and things change! Like they said, the only constant thing in the world is change!

Hope you've enjoyed my work, till the next time I paint... Adios!

~you know art is sexy~
Michelle May

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