Saturday, August 08, 2009

Artsy Me!

I took 2 months to FINALLY complete me Matryoshka Collection! It HAS to be in 3 because it has the Matryoshka effect once hung on a wall! It's framed using all 3 available IKEA frame sizes! If it has 5 sizes, I would make more! *breathes a sigh of relief*

The littlest one in the Matryoshka Collection! This is HAND DRAWN and Coloured by ME!!

This is the LARGEST one in the Matryoshka Collection and it is also HAND DRAWN, HAND COLOURED, HAND PAINTED and finally HAND OUTLINED by ME! Yes, it's a meticulous process and each flower has to be perfect!

The middle one in the Matryoshka Collection and this is inspired by the beauty of the Japanese kimono! This one also uses the same meticulous process as above! The smallest one is simpler because it's IMPOSSIBLE to use the same process!

I ALLEGEDLY killed the Cube of Rubiks out of frustration and self defence! I DIDN'T SAY THAT I DID IT BUT I CAN TELL YOU THIS, It was taunting me! *there goes my alibi*

What Rob said about the algorithm was right. Algorithm (a set of sequence or instructions) The problem was, I KNOW the secret to the algorithm but it only works on 1 surface!!! I can complete ANY COLOURED SURFACE but I can only complete 1 surface! There must be some problem with the algorithm...

I'm an artist by nature and I love spending my time drawing, sketching and painting! I like to think of myself as a culture artist because I love cultural stuff! I once did a painting of an intricate Japanese kimono and I'm dying to learn the Chinese paper cutting techniques!

Anyways, recently in my previous Matryoshka post, I mentioned that I was very much inspired by the Matryoshka dolls. So, I have been drawing nothing but Matryoshkas!

Anyways, I'm gonna divulge you in a little secret of my "meticulous process". Here's my algorithm:

1) Get inspired and have a brief idea in your head.
2) Sketch it out.
3) Draw the outline on a stiff, high quality paper using a pencil.
4) Make sure everything is perfect and exactly the way you've envisioned it.
5) Use a red ink pen to draw over the pencil outline.
6) Start colouring it.
7) Then, water colour it!
9) Use a Black ink pen to give shape to the drawing.
10) Frame it!

I swear by colour pencils that doubles as water colours!!! These are the wonders of German engineering!!! I'm a messy artist and I can't imagine using real water colour to paint on such delicate surface!

Anyways, I'm only artsy when I'm emotional. Put on my iPod and just draw! I guess that I don't show much emotions because I put them all in my paintings! Not sure of you've noticed but all the Matryoshkas DO NOT have genuine smiles.

~you know you art me~
Michelle May

PS: I can't belive school has started! Thank God that I only have 1 class, ONCE A WEEK! Will have to start applying for jobs for real this time! Anyways, I'm on contract and will be working for A. Candy starting on the 10th for a week! Any job offers? Please inform and think of me!

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