Friday, August 07, 2009

Bad Girls Go Worst!

Ili and I outside the 4th Tallest BROADCAST TOWER IN THE WORLD! The Jinmao Tower in Shanghai, China.

We were trying out some stunts like the Chinese actress Ziyi Zhang! Was so hilarious! We got tangled up with the ropes instead!

Taking a bite outta Ili! Actually was playing one of our imaginary games...

Our Kardashian moments! Gosh, we always hoedown throwdown each other!

We were fake climbing when this picture was taken but now, it looks like we're insects making out! lol!

Her boobies are public property and we always grab each other boobies and ass! And yes, we do it in family places, public places, etc...

This was taken at our "tanni" session! Yes, we love our alcohol besides each other!!!

This was taken on our first meeting! Our religious Club Friday that she didn't even miss one!!!

Yes, more boobies grabbing at family places. This was at delicious @ Ms. Read in 1 Utama. You can either find us at Ms. Read or Sushi Zanmai EVERY FRIDAY!

Ili left for KC, US after 2 whole months here in Malaysia. I still remember the day she first left... We were hugging each other, crying our eyes off, and crying at every little thing that would trigger her memory.

We couldn't eat at Ms. Read and couldn't listen to Carrie Underwood's Don't Forget to Remember Me because we would just be quiet and feel really sad. I think it took us around 3 months to finally move on and be happy.

I thought the next time she leaves, it would be easier on me but I guess wrong. I think it's even harder. Ever since she got back, we've been spending every Friday together and I finally receive calls from her DiGi number and she was on my speed dial again.

Besides that, I spent almost a week with her and her family which was my family for that 1 whole week! I even call her dad; Daddy! It's a surprise that only she gets me like no one else can. She knows that when I say "I miss you" I don't mean it.

No one would understand what "5CM" or "Ying Chi Ba" or "B" or "You look so dumb right now" or "Jizz in My Pants" or "Novio es Blanco" means. No one knows what I really mean. The funniest thing is, we can argue for hours over using only words like "Move on" and "Get Over It" and "I understand"

It's a surprise that I don't feel like a bad person when I'm with her maybe because she's worst than me. In fact, I can't remember the feeling anymore. With everyone else, I'm the bad one for speaking my mind and being selfish. Everyone else is an angel compared to me.

I'm glad that we managed to spend so much of time together and that's enough. Like she said, "I'm not gonna worry like a mother of five!" I just need to pull myself together, move on, get over her getting over me, focus on my studies, graduate by the end of this year and then I can start planning my life!

Don't feel like doing anything or talking to anyone. Just let me get over it in my own way. Anyways, the latest news is that I'm looking for a new BFF. Like Paris Hilton, "BFFs are easily replaceable"

~you know you sad me~
Michelle May

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