Monday, August 24, 2009

Cameron Highlands (CH)

I finally have the time to "inspect" flowers! I was shivering... I love it here but the cold is too much!

There's so many cactus for sale and they're so lovely!!! I love it in tiny, tiny pots!

No veges can be fresher than those from Camerons! Mushroom, Cabbages, Carrots, Corn even taste sweeter here!

They have this snack where they deep fried musrooms, Golden mushrooms, Button mushrooms and it tastes AMAZING!!! Out of this world!!! So delicious!!!

Madrekins was like a little kid! She was so excited to pluck strawberries! She was like, "Look! Isn't it cute??"

It costs around 20MYR for the whole tray. Around 1/2 a KG.. Not bad cause we plucked it ourselves!

The strawberry farm is located right next to Equatorial Hotel and it's called EQ Strawberry Farm and further down is the turn off to Boh Tea Plantation.

Besides selling strawberries, they have fresh mushrooms as well! These are ready to be harvested already!

These are where Oyster Mushrooms are bred! These are considered as babies and they can't be harvested yet!

We visited the Boh Tea Plantation in Sg. Palas and let me tell you that the journey there is so dangerous! It's a tiny, narrow road enough for 1 car and if a car from another direction is coming, be prepared to stop!

They renovated the place since the last time we went there. Now, the building is a modern architecture not some open air, scattered seating concept amidst the plantation. Honestly, I prefer the older concept! This concept just doesn't cut it with me even though it's beautiful mod architecture!

The view of the whole plantation. Well, not the whole plantation but PART of it. It's so beautiful!

The minute you turn into the dirt road, you'll be greeted with tea leaves ALL THE WAY to the plantation.

Even the interiors have changed, Now it has an amphitheater or a screening room! Visitors are greeted with banners of Boh Tea history all the way to the cafe!

There's a free tour of the factory but due to time constraints we couldn't visit the factory.

The view amidst the foliages from the hotel. It was rainy so you can imagine how cold it was just walking around there!

I took time to smell the flowers and now I know how flowers smell like! Flowers thrive in this habitat and there's just so many gorgeous fleurs!

Madrekins shielding herself from the cold winds! Nah, it's just for photo taking!

Roses here are HUGE!!! I have never seen such HUGE roses in KL! Rosa, Rosen, Whatever language, roses are love!

At Equatorial Hotel lobby. They have an old fashioned fire place and I LOVE it!!!

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We went to Ipoh for breakfast and bought Ipoh stuff like salted chicken, swiss rolls and etc. Then decided to drive up to Cameron for some fresh air and a change of scenery. Now Padrekins love going places as a FAMILY. Family means Him, Madrekins and I.

We thought of going to Penang but Cameron won because we haven't been there in ages and I went to Penang just 2 months ago. The weather was so cold since it was raining all the way up to Camerons and at Camerons itself. Cold winds was blowing and as expected, my Forever21 Peasant top couldn't save me from the cold!

I slept all the way up AND down and the flu lasted 1 whole day and including today. Camerons was really nice! I loved everything about it. The concept of sipping tea, eating scones and running around in a tea plantation!

Of course me and Madrekins enjoyed plucking strawberries and eating deep friend mushrooms and raw corn! If only we had more time to go for the tea factory tour, butterfly farm and bee farm. We left Cameron after 4PM and came back to KL.

We went to Mid Valley on Saturday and I spotted the MOST AMAZING, ULTIMATUM Coach watch!!! It wasn't that expensive at only 1800MYR!!! (Some girls collect handbags, shoes, etc but I collect watches!) Bugged the Parentals to get it for me for my birthday and they said YES!!! But now I found another one that I liked in Coach USA and I was thinking which one I should get? It costs almost the same... *HEADACHE*

Anyways, I've decided that I'm much better off without ANONYMOUS. I'm spoilt and my parents can get me whatever I want. If I want love, I can jolly well get it from Precious. I can live with the occasional memory of Anonymous. I will LIVE HAPPY!

~you know I'm happy~
Michelle May

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