Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Friday With The Americans and the Taiwanese!

She loves the word MALAYSIAN!!

She's so cute isn't she???

She called this picture; THE MALAYSIANS!!! L-R: Joanne, Ili and I. (She's lying! We're not really Malaysians!)

The Taiwanese and I @Camp5!

The whole group of us @ Camp5! L-R: Joanne,Janice,Ili, Me and Soon Seng!

The NEIGHBOURS: The Hongkie and The Taiwanese!

Janice and Ili!

Joanne and Ili.

Joanne and I.

This was really a long delayed post but Janice (The Taiwanese) went back to Taiwan and left her SD Card at Joanne's. So, Ili has been back in KC for 3 weeks now and Joanne decided to stopover at Taiwan on her way back to KC to visit Janice.

Just got my hands on the pictures of the good times! Janice was really fun and I think she will also be going back to KC to visit Ili and Joanne! Already I miss them so much! Today, Isaac decided to go to Nebraska without saying goodbye. I will never forgive him until he returns with my stuff!

Been an EVENTFUL week. Can't wait to leave KL!!! If possible, I NEED to leave Malaysia! Parentals already planned to go to Camerons this weekend. Can't wait. Under the circumstances, Camerons is the furthest I can go right now.

I just can't wait till the end of this year! I'm counting down right now. I just can't wait till I can leave Malaysia for good, PERMANENTLY. I used to think that I have so many people and my whole life here but then I realized that I have nothing except my Parentals and Precious. (Which can travel all the way to where i'll be!)

Besides them, I don't think I care enough of anyone else to bother about staying. What I need is a fresh start and a new environment. I'm sorry to say this but no one here is worth staying for maybe except my grandma but she's understanding!

I can't do this to myself anymore. I don't wanna put myself through all this anymore and I think I deserve to be happy. As long as I'm here, I don't think I could be happy. Everywhere reminds me of ANONYMOUS. Down the road, maybe I will feel happy. Maybe I'm just upset today. We'll see.

~you know I have to leave~
Michelle May

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