Saturday, August 22, 2009

Just Random Thoughts!

Well, I've been depressed lately... Everyone has either left or are leaving.. My dear Isaac has left to Nebraska without saying goodbye as if I don't mean a thing to him and Michael is going back to Zimbabwe and I'm gonna miss his texts!!!!

The Parentals has noticed my depression and decided to take me to Camerons to see lovely flowers and pluck strawberries!!! (Not forgetting the scones and tea!) Gosh! I'm so spoilt, I KNOW!!! I mean, Padrekins actually paid for my shopping spree which ran into hundreds in a day! I'm an emotional shopper, ok?

Lots of things happened... I once thought ANONYMOUS was priceless and meant the world to me but now, ANONYMOUS means nothing to me. Call me a heartless biatch but I don't really fcuking care if they live or not. Life is full of surprises, one minute they're priceless, and the next, they mean nothing, nothing at all.

Looking back, I can't believe how stupid and naive I was! Maybe Ili was right, MY HEART IS A WHORE! Lucky I had Edward and my Piano Man to cheer me up. Edward draws funny cartoons and it makes me laugh while Piano Man plays songs that makes me smile. He plays Pretty Woman and La Vie en Rose for me EVERYTIME WITHOUT FAIL!!!

Right now, I'm just gonna focus on my projects. I have lots of artsy stuff to finish; my frames, my paintings, and my artworks, I have to finish writing my 2000 words essay on professionalism, finalize some NGOs preferably on Human Rights, enjoy my trip to Camerons, read Fidel Castro's My Life, Check British Council and UK universities for scholarships, Double checking the requirements to be a UN Volunteer, Making travel plans for end of this year, learn the guitar and harassing the vet for a job. (Interesting, since I just uploaded my whole To-Do List here!)

I know what I want and I know it requires sacrifices. That means no more distractions, boys, outings and etc... I don't really mind not having any social life, "Know your aim and keep your head in the game!!!" (Please credit me, I created it!)

I used to be so happy, but after a few months of happiness, I'm back to being depressed. I don't wanna see your face ever again, I don't wanna talk to you ever again, I don't wanna remember you ever again and I just need you to let me go. Fcuk the memories, I don't need them...

I can't fcuking wait to get outta here.... I thought that by going away, I would forget you... It didn't work. OK, I'm spewinng nonsical bullshit so I'm just gonna stop. It's not the first time.... Oh, yea, SUMO Concept: Suck-it Up and Move On.. or was it Shut Up and Move On? Either way, it works brilliantly!

~you know i fcuking hate you~
Michelle May

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