Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Karaoke and Seafood NIGHT!

The restaurant we went to is deep inside Kg. Kayu Ara called Pantai Seafood! The seafood here is as fresh as the day's catch!

Ili loves the food here. Our must have is Deep fried Calamari which is just so AWESOME!

Those rock like thingy are actually fishes! Ili was so afraid of them!

This picture makes me feel so Friday even though it's only Tuesday!

Sometimes life is funny... One minute the person is around and the next minute, you have to adjust life without that person!

Didn't know since when they built a water wheel! So third world country but WE love it!

I think the last time we saw Breeness was during her wedding! Now, she's all grown up and getting ready for life!

Both of my besties!!! This is after we lost our voices! Breeness and Ili... Don't they both look so tiny?

We're guilty as charged for butchering songs but as ili put it, "We can sing, it's the songs...."

Today was so totally awesome! Had a nice lunch with Padrekins at D'lish in Bangsar Village and then went to Curve to meet ili and Breeness for karaoke at Red Box! It's so exciting since it's been awhile since I met Breeness and Ili will be leaving on this Friday.

It's so fun since none of us can actually sing and we're just rapping, crapping and making up words as we get along! And yes, we did scream until we lost our voices! Damn those songs from Mariah Carey and those emo songs from Whitney Houston!!!

Breeness had to go back to her in-laws to have dinner so we decided to go for seafood since we were craving seafood in China and it's been A LONG, LONG, TIME since we had seafood! When it comes to seafood, nothing beats Pantai Restaurant in Kg. Kayu Ara, Damansara! Fresh and good!

All in all, I've been really close with ili these 2 months and I just have to go through the whole process of getting over her and moving on again! I just don't know how I can handle it this time. Maybe get involved in more activities or just focus on my life.

I discovered someone who gave me moral support just when I needed it most and he's so understanding that I didn't even need to tell him. He just understood and he made me feel as if he'll always be there. To meet great guys, always hang out in bookstores! I met him in Borders while waiting for ili!

Anyways, he's like me in many ways such as he writes poems, draws (or illurstrate!) and he loves animals! Anyways, will tell you guys more about him soon! I'll just leave you with a name... Edward.

~you know you read me~
Michelle May

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