Saturday, August 29, 2009

KKLUB Charity Sports Day

The setting of the club is amidst a lot of greens! Just the way I like it! That was the tennis court.

The lobby / lounge. After a whole day of sports, I just need to relax and read a book!

Yan Yan giving "moral support" while we played badminton. Like what Mr. Raj said, "We're just playing for fun!!!"

The one on the left in the black T0shirt is Giri... The best badminton player but I guess other players were waaaay better! To quote Mr. Raj, "We ALMOST WON.... by 21 points!!!"

This is just one part of the pool! This is the venue for water polo!!! I was too warm from badminton and the weather was too hot so I decided to jump into the sparkling pool!!! *REFRESHING*

OK, After I take a picture or two or some cam whore pictures, I decided to jump into the pool!!!

Was trying to see if I die in the pool, would I look like this or would I look like some dried prunes! It a scene out of CSI!!! Don't they wanna "post mortem" me??? LOL!

Mr. Raj told us to "come or else...." so we, as in Yan Yan, Madrekins, Me, Pat, Param and their 2 daughters HAD to attend a charity sports day. We played hours of badminton, volley ball and water polo! I swam and my whole body ached because it's not used to so much of activities in 1 day!!!

He dragged his brothers, Anand and Giri to attend also and we're known as Team Independent! Mr. Raj is funny and we all had fun even though we didn't win anything except body ache! The club was really nice and huge!!! It has everything!!!

Well, we did have fun as Mr. Raj promised and had a good work out! The best, in fact! I never knew I was the sporty kinda girl!!! I mean, I do know how to play volley ball and water polo and i used to be able to trash guy's asses in BB back in high school wearing my Baju Kurung but time has changed!

Right now, the only form of "sports" I do is studying, travelling, shopping, watching F1 and the most is badminton! If we had moved to the new house, I would've took up more sports! I love swimming and I still love BB until now. Unfortunately, no one plays BB with me! Ah, I love cycling too!!! I could cycle for hours!!

Too bad, Darrell didn't maintain the bike well and the bike is now a road hazard!!! I can't stop and it can't even move!!! Anyways, one of my cupcake shoppe has been re-modelled!!! Next post once I get the pictures!!! Me PROMISE!

Jalan Melawati 3, Taman Melawati,
Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur 53100

~you know I'm sporty~
Michelle May

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