Monday, August 03, 2009

Random Feelings and Stuffs.

Ever since I got back from China, I don't feel like myself. Madrekins was like, maybe a Made in China Fake Michelle came home. Firstly, those who knows me knows that I don't eat pork. When I got home, we had dinner at Esquire Kitchen and I FINISHED a whole pork dish!

Then after showering, decided to sneak out of the house to go to "mamak" to "yum cha". There's 2 things wrong with this statement. Num 1) I DON'T GO TO MAMAK and Num2) I DON'T YUM CHA!!! Came home and only slept at 4AM-ish... And yes, Madrekins is kinda pissed that I sneaked out and your's truly is officially grounded.

The next day, went to 1U with Madrekins, A. Candy and Yan Yan as usual and I'm so happy I finally bought my wallet from Forever 21!!! Sorry girls, I got the last one! Anyways, we had Vietnamese food, and I had Thum Thim Throp (Red rubies), Cucur Udang, some kuehs and more kuehs and an hour later, I had Nasi Lemak, Roti Jala and a cream puff!

Don't ask me how I even put away all those food! Oh, 2 hours later, I had roasted chicken for dinner!!! I was such a glut and it's not me because I can't even eat half of the things there. Besides, I can't even remember the last time I had kuehs OR Nasi Lemak!!! Well, they were impressed that I managed to eat so much of food!

Anyways, our Karaoke session got postponed to Tuesday and knowing Ili, we'll cam whore as usual. Besides eating, I've also been doing a lot of thinking lately. I'm thinking to be a better person. It's unnatural for humans to want to inflict pain unto others.

I also want to be faithful. If have a BF and when anyone asks if I have a BF, I should just be honest and say yes!!! Right now, I ALWAYS say "No, I'm single and happy!" (which is half true!)

I need to stop procrastinating and give St. Angel a call and apply to work at the animal hospital. I think I would enjoy working at an animal hospital because I love dealing with animals and it would be a whole new experience since I won't be able to work with animals directly.

I think animals are much more better than humans. I mean, they get away with everything. Since i'm the type that holds grudges, I think working with animals are better since I'll forgive them. I'm used to being bitten once or twice and at least you can see once they hurt you unlike humans who'll just backstab you and you have to take part in office politics. I love politics but I'm just so tired of it. Animals don't make me choose sides!

I'm really hoping and praying that I'll be able to work there. I need to work till Jan or Feb next year. I'm thinking long term. At least I can fund my gap months until I finally decide what to do with the rest of my life. If there's funding, I would wanna do my Masters. The way it sounds, I may just be able to do just that!

I've been working really hard this year and I didn't have any social life until these couple of months when Ili came home. She'll be leaving soon with Ann and Isaac and I'm left with me, myself and I. I'll really miss the so much! The only thing that keeps me happy is that we're still close as if she never left and that Isaac will have to bring stuff back for me...

Anyways, Just some rants and shyte! Won't be updating so much since I have a PSP to go online now. I don't have to be a permanent fixture and fittings at the table anymore. I go online when I'm sleeping on my bed or when I'm outside playing with Precious. So much more convenient.

Looking back:
May 3rd: Tj. Sepat
May 17th: Malacca
May 23rd: Penang
June 8th: Ipoh
June 20th: K. Pilah
June 23rd: K.Terengganu
June 24th: Redang
July 12th: Jugra
July 24th: Shanghai
July 27th: Hangzhou

~you know you know me~
Michelle May

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