Saturday, August 15, 2009

Retail Theraphy

I'm so drawn into the dark and twisted mind of Tim Burton and those who wants to know me better take note that my favourite Director of ALL TIME is Tim Burton!!! TO make myself feel MUCH better, I HAD TO splurge on this exquisite Tim Burton book titled The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories. No regrets because I *HEART* the book!!! It's an AWESOME book and Madrekins will faint when the credit card statement arrives!

Madrekins has been going on and on about the way I spend. Apparently money is going out of style! Then she went and bought this John Rocha top that cost 200MYR and another John Rocha yellow tunic for the same price! I think John Rocha is our favourite designer right now. He designs the most gorgeous clothes!

This one is also another John Rocha design! See, I told you his clothes were exquisite! This one is cheaper. It's only 187MYR!!! I HAD TO BUY IT! Oh, before I go on and on about John Rocha, you can purchase his clothes online under the label Rocha. John Rocha.

This pretty demure piece is also from Debenhams. I swear to God that they have the nicest clothes!!! It's my favourite shop besides Forever 21 now! This one is only 115MYR, real steal!

I finally got this one from Forever 21 and it costs 119MYR!!! I've ALWAYS wanted a top like this and I finally got it! *HUGE SMILES* and lotsa, lotsa thanks to Madrekins!!! Trust me, it looks so awesome with my denim skirt!

I was actually looking for this particular top at Forever 21 but ended up buying the one above! I love Forever 21 but they change their merchandise too fast or things just finish fast! I bought my floral wallet the week I got back from China and a few days after that, It's sold out! Now, I'll have to go to Forever 21 EVERY WEEK until I get this top or will have to buy it from US! But it is a very nice top isn't it?

I've been sick for far too long and everyone suggested shopping. I've never really belived in retail theraphy but after today, I'm a believer!!! Madrekins is ALWAYS right, "whoever that said money can't buy happiness is clearly a monk!"

After buying, or rather signing both my Visa and Mastercard, I do feel better! There's something about walking out of a shop with a bag full of stuff!!! For the whole day, my pain seem to leave me.

Debenhams and Forever 21 has devastatingly beautiful clothes. I mean, I don't buy Tees because my Tees are only Abercrombie, Hollister, Aeropostale and Paul Frank. I seriously do not like Tees from anywhere else except the occasional ones from Baby Phat or Victoria's Secret.

Anyways, I noticed that I've never really blogged about what I bought so here's to the first post ever! Well, the truth is, I'm bored outta my mind with work and school that I just need some solitude. Blogging keeps me sane and empties out my mind.

I had a great day today and many thanks to Madrekins for buying me ALL my stuff! I know it's not exactly cheap but like what Madrekins say, "Enjoy what we bought today before the statement comes end of the month!" and I intend to do just that!

~you know you want me~
Michelle May

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