Monday, September 07, 2009

El Hombre Piano!

For almost a year now, I've been seeing this Piano Man for some weekends. For a few months, I would just sit and listen to him play for hours and after a couple of weeks, we finally spoke and I found myself "LIKING" him so very much. We exchanged names and numbers and he loves seeing me and I love seeing him.

Recently, he played all my favourite songs... In public! He knows I love oldies like La Vie en Rose and Pretty Women and he enjoys playing them for me as much as I enjoyed listening to him. It's so rare to find someone who loves what he's doing and he is the one that taught me to ALWAYS love what you do and others will notice it too.

Well, he's a nice guy... he's in his forties and we've been trying to schedule some time for a drink but I rarely have time to do anything else anymore... I've always liked guys who are able to play instruments. They tend to get extra bonus points and I'm a sucker especially for those who plays the guitar and/ or piano!

My first crush was Jim Brickman and he played the piano so well and my idol is Santana and Deep Purple. Yea, grew up with all sorts of music and dad's musician friends! I grew up with guitars, In fact, my dad got my mom because he was playing the guitar at a night club! Mom was a sucker for guitar players and now, so am I! Come over to my house and you can choose to rock the house down with a specially designed electric guitar or strum an acoustic one all with amps that will blow you away!!! I know, 2 guitars and no one to play!

Recently, due to some stuff Ili called me a "mean, heartless bitch" and if it comes from her, you know that you're pretty screwed up! I need to take a good, long hard look at my life.... Till next time!

~you know I like him~
Michelle May

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