Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Eid!

Firstly, I have to credit these pretty pictures to my cousin Ilylia Kamaruzaman!

The delicious, delicious food!!! My aunt made ALL of it! From theose pretty cakes till some killer rendang!!

The family dining by the pool! It's so refreshing to dine by the pool!

Wendy, Mandy 'Baby', Me and Ilylia. All my cousins!!

More family members as well as Ilylia and Nabila and their mom!

Ilylia and Grandma. Pretty aren't they?

Photos credit to my cousin Azlira Jamaluddin.




I love Eid! I really do!! I love the food, the rendangs, the cakes and when you have Malay relatives, you know you're in for a treat!!! My aunts make the BEST rendangs, meat loaves, briyani and everything in between!

They're open house are such great delights that I love spending Eid with them! I have my cousins and all. Even though, we're Chinese and they're Muslims, it just doesn't matter! We sit at the same table and share the food!

Back to the spread! They have everything to tickle your fancy! You like Western food, they have mash, bangers, cold cuts, pasta, lasagna, grilled chicken, roasted lamb/beef, and tonnes of cakes that they made themselves! You like Malay food, there's lemang, rendang ayam, lamb rendang, beef rendang, nasi briyani, sotong, sambal, layer cakes!

Normally, we only attend 1 house but since Aunty Datin Sakinah decided to have an open house instead of spending it in London, we got a treat by attending 2 open houses! Lunch became dinner for me! God, the food is good!

My great-great grandfather? No idea how 'great' he is but he's family. Because of him and his wife (picture below) we are all related! He's British btw...

I'm also not sure about his wife or how 'great' she is but at the end of the day, does it matter?

House 2.. I really love the foyer! And my aunty makes lasagna that is so good, you look forward to it for the whole year!

I'm blessed to have such great family members. They are great cooks! History is the past, I'm not interested who is related to who but at the end of the day, we're all related and who cares if we're Chinese or Malays?

~you know I love them~
Michelle May

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