Tuesday, September 01, 2009

i-JOKe (Ijok)

The steamed Thai fish! Not bad, the fish was very fish and it was delicious.

The main reason we went there. The "beggar's chicken". Yup, The AUTHENTIC one! Not the ones you can buy at the side of the road!

This was "the shit" (slang for real good!) LOTSA "liew" and it tastes like a really huge "chung"!!! Was awesome!!! In fact, it's made the same way as the chicken!

Sweet and sour crabs with "man tou".... Not bad since Josh's bro polished the whole dish!!! He finished it so it must be good! For crabs, I only eat the ones from Kepong!

The "pond" surrounding the shop. You can only get good food like these at run down shacks!!!

Even the roof of the place was made using leaves.. So environmentally friendly and smart!

This is how the restaurant looks like! Nothing fancy...

This is the place where all the chickens are cooked. The old fashioned place where the chicken are made.

The chicken coop.

The Parentals.

Padrekins and Birthday Boy!

We're over beggars chicken. We've been to the TOP 2 Beggar's chicken in Malaysia! First one was at Jugra and now, we went to Ijok with the birthday boy, Josh and his brother from NY.

The food was not bad and it was really good!It is located at Ijok which is along the way from Sungai Buloh to Kuala Selangor. Go along the trunk road connecting Sungai Buloh and Kuala Selangor and you will see a huge signboard which states New Beggar’s Chicken Restaurant. After turn in at the signboard you’ll journey through an oil palm plantation.

For more information: Ijok Beggar Chicken

~you know you beg me~
Michelle May

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