Saturday, September 26, 2009


I learnt so much being in solitary confinement. I learnt about 'ME' time! All this while, I thought that I'll be happy as long as the people around me are happy. I'm a follower, I ALWAYS follow.

I learnt that I, as a human being has needs and wants. I'm only human and everyone has boundaries. I can't always be there to solve everyone's problem. I'm not God, I have my own problems as well.

I technically didn't do anything but read and watched movies during 'ME' time. I finally watched Aliens VS. Monsters, Don't Mess with The Zohan. I read my September/October worth of TIME magazines, The CLASSIC Alice in Wonderland and Madame Bovary.

Remember how obsessed I was about e-mails? 3 different e-mails to check and everything has to sync with my organizer and a typical day consists of pencilling people in at specific time and datelines.

Here, I don't even check my e-mails or my organizer! I also used to religiously log onto MSN Messengger EVERY NIGHT and here, I just don't want to use the PC!!! I miss being with the one person in the world that I've neglected; ME!!!

I do everything at my own pace, I don't have to rush to my next appointment or text my ideas into my phones or communicate with the world. I remember that I had to write a report on life without a cell phone back in my 1st year for New Media Technology. Obviously, I faked the report. I couldn't go through 1 week without my phone! (Sorry, Mr. Bene!!!)

I've been without my phone for a 2 weeks now? And I CAN HONESTLY say that I DON'T MISS THEM ONE BIT!!! I don't miss my ringtone, my text messages or my MSN chimes! People might think that I'm crazy to spend time alone but the technical term is SOLITARY CONFINEMENT!

I don't have communication with anyone, I don't listen to anyone and in a way, I'm peaceful. Life is quiet, dull and bored.... JUST THE WAY I LIKE IT! So excited to be back on my BIRTHDAY!!!! That's on OCTOBER 8th, 2009!!!

Like what Bob says, "Who needs friends? Friends are over-rated!" I think I'm much better now. I'm slowly but surly feeling like myself! I can't wait to attend lecture on Tuesday!

And Gossip Girl Season 3 is AWESOME!!! I *HEART* Chuck Bass-tard!! LOL!

~you know I love solitude~
Michelle May

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