Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Meows and Woofs!

When the dogs are lonely, they walk around and play with the pigeons.

For more information, visit SPCA KL to see how you can help, directions, what you can do and sign petitions! Just support them!

The dogs rarely fight with each other... It's as if, they know that they share the same fate.

This one particular dog is sooooo pitiful. When I went near the cage, he gets so excited as if he wants to go home with me! He loves posing for the camera and he generally loves humans!

Can you see how excited he is?? He love humans more than I do and he doesn't even know that he is unwanted by his owner!

This is just A SMALL part of the cattery! From January till now, they've taken in MORE THAN 4000 cats!!! They receive 600-700 ANIMALS A MONTH!!!! Please, people, it's time to do something!

This dog is so adorable. He just sits there to keep Hapipah (the worker) company. He doesn't bother anyone... He just minds his own business just as long as Hapipah is nearby!

The kitten that was just thrown into my dustbin! It's so small, he only sleeps on my lap or when I'm carrying him. The minute I put him down, he starts meowing.

Some rotten douchebag threw a kitten into my dustbin like it was somekind of thrash!!! Wait till I get that douchebag! I'm gonna shove my shoe up his ass and down his throat!!! People like that should be in Final Destination... They should die gruesome deaths!

I didn't get any sleep last night... Have to feed it it's milk and carry it like a baby till it falls asleep! Thank God that it's not heavy or I would have really painful arms today. I have no idea what to do with it. It's small, around 1 or 2 months? Will be going to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam so I won't have the time to keep it temporarily.

Just got back from the SPCA... Everytime I go there, I leave with a sense of sadness and helplessness. Thise animals are DYING for human company. The minute they see a human, they ALL get excited! The meows and the barks are deafening! Donated money and a few stuff and it just saddens me that that's all I can do... Besides money, I can't do anything else.

So sad that I don't get to keep the kitten! This is tough. I will NEVER underestimate parenting anymore! Being woken up at ungodly hours, lack of sleep, carrying it, taking care of it, the sacrifices. See, this proves that I'm not ready to be a parent!

If you're thinking of a pet, be like me, ADOPT!!! If you want a pet, adopt! You're saving lives and money! Unless you intend to let your dogs take part in all sorts of competition, buy from kennels. Pet shops are terrible! The get puppies from puppy mills and PeTa should do something about it!

I adopted Precious from the Zoo and if you want companionship, just adopt a pet! I saw a beautiful Golden Retriever there and GR's are people's pet. They love being in a family with babies and humans but this one looked really sad to be in a cage. He didn't so anything to deserve to be unwanted..

It's sad to see so many UNWANTED animals. They have so much love and affection to offer and yet, people treat them like trash! No one in this world can love you unconditionally like a dog!

In the book Marley and me, John Grogan said that whenever he comes home, between his wife and his dogs, he greets his dogs first. You know why? His dogs will be racing out to greet him like a long lost friend while his wife will stand at the door scowling because he's late!

You can hit them, you can scold them and even mistreat them but they will always forgive and forget. That is why GOD spelt backwards is DOG! You know why? Because dogs can forgive like no human ever could and only like God!

Please, please, please do your part and help SPCA! Like what Gandhi said, "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated" and by the way I see it, Malaysia has a freaking loooooooong way to go! No wonder the rest of the world see Malaysians as barbaric poachers! The world knows Malaysia for all the wrong reasons and if that's what Malaysians are perceived as, then I'm proud to say that I'M NOT MALAYSIAN and even if I am, I'm ashamed to be one! I'm ashamed of that blue MyCard and the red passport.

Never in my life I've seen such utter disrespect for animals! People say that Thais are terrible, They treat their animals better than we treat our children! Now, do you blame me for hating humans so much? The animals will be much better off without humans. Hint: Watch Earth Without People on Discovery Channel.

~you know I love them~
Michelle May

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