Sunday, September 06, 2009

New York, New York

New York, New York at 1Utama... What did you think? I went home?

The "Little" black book. It's not as if we're ordering premium Mr. Chows!

Yan Yan and Madrekins.

This is the platter for 2. There's lamb, roast chicken, wedges, corn on cob, and deep fried chicken.

Fried fish fillet in Spaghetti and mushroom or something. Not bad.

Latin Chicken Chop. (There's nothing Latin in it!)

A culture can easily be bought and exported. New York, New York is owned by a Singaporean company and they made it look as if the restaurant is authentically from USA! They can lie to those Malaysians who has no idea about globalization but they can't fool me.

The food is just moderately OK. Nothing to shout about because i've tasted better... For example, their roast chicken is tasteless. Logenhaus serves better chicken. Full of herbs and taste. The waiters there are foreiners. Don't expect them to speak English. I mean, this is a franchise, not the real New York where most people there are immigrants!! If you want to call yourself New York, at least speak English!

Madrekins and Co. weren't exactly too happy with the food. I mean, we went there to try and that is all. Our first and last time there. Like I mentioned, the food is just mediocre. Disappointing, really.

Anyways, you have to give them the credit for attempting it make it seem as New York as possible. This was a pretty, damn, stupid day to go shopping! Firstly, I was sick and sneezing non stop! Then here are some of the stuff I wanted to get but couldn't:

1) Acca Kappa tooth brush and toothpaste. (They have neither and the only one they actually have is the tiny travelling one!)
2) The Sartorialist by Scott Schuman. (They haven't even heard of the book and couldn't give me an exact timeline when they will have stock! That's so much for Border's Customer Service)

Border's used to have impeccable customer service where they will locate the book and get it for you. All you had to do was wait there. Now, they expect you to get the book yourself. As if, we're working there and we'll know exactly where the book is located. Try copying Barnes & Noble for Christ's sake!

They get the book for you and bring it to the cashier if you have a list of books!! What is fcuking wrong with Malaysia and their customer service??? It's either they speak fcuking "Engrish" or they are just too dumb!! I mean "check" is THE SAME as "bill" Dumbasses!!!

Anyways, it's just a fcuked up day to go shopping. So much of money to spend and nothing to buy!! No wonder I was sick!!! Lunch was mediocre and nothing to buy! This was the first, we went home empty handed!

~you hate them as much as I do~
Michelle May

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