Monday, September 28, 2009

Pet Peeves!

I have issues with everyone. Today's lesson is on telling people what you think about them in order to find peace within oneself. Well here goes:

I think MAXIS has THE MOST STUPIDEST POLICIES THAT WILL ONLY INCONVENIENT others. I have been using Maxis for slightly more than a year now and I got the number from Xavier when he came home from Aussie and he got that number from his uncle in Ipoh. By then, the Government ruling of registering new SIM cards has already been enforced and I have not even met his uncle.

So, Here I am, being a good citizen, I decided to transfer the ownership of the SIM to myself. I travelled to their office at TTDI (you know how difficult it is to find a parking???) just to hear this, "I'm sorry miss but unless you can provide a written consent from the owner, you cannot trasfer the ownership. But, you can do so if you sign up for our postpaid service....." I could have jolly well faked a bloody letter and hand it to them and they could have changed it but they're just idiots. You know how I hate dealing with idiots.

Until today, the SIM is under Xavier uncle's name. If I were to bomb a building and leave my phone there... You know who to blame...

in 2008, our familia decided to spend Christmas in Phuket, Thailand. Since, we tend to travel using Air Asia for Asian destinations, we took Air Asia. We enjoyed the whole trip and all but our flight back from Phuket-KL was delayed for more than 4 hours! My dad is an OKU and we had to sit around in the VERY PACKED Phuket International Airport. Tempers were already flaring and everyone was tired and upset.

As soon as we arrived home, I made some calls to AIR ASIA and after almost an hour 'interacting' with the machines, I managed to speak to this 1 guy who said that I could claim 200MYR per person if my flight was delayed up to 4 hours. I did all the necessary things and you know what? It's either they are RETARDED or they used my 800MYR as a contribution to the F1 team! I have yet to receive my money until today.

I keep calling and calling, and talking to more retarded idiots and finally decided to wait for them to 'process' my money. At the lenght of time they take, I think they're probably making my money from scratch or waiting for their money tree to blossom! I hate companies that take forever to reimburse customer's money.

They forget that IT IS THE CUSTOMER'S MONEY. It rightfully belongs to the customer. I hate corporations like that. Sad to say that here I am, thinking Tony Fernandes is running a decent company. Far from that. Sad to say.

I'm not normally bitter but sometimes, we just have to say what we need to say. NO one likes dealing with idiots that needs to get laid but please step up your game. If you hate your job, QUIT IT or maybe you're just too uneducated to do so? Enough is enough. WE DO NOT DESERVE SUCH ATROCIOUS SERVICE!

~you know I hate you~
Michelle May

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