Thursday, September 03, 2009

Worthy Art!

This 2 beautiful pieces belongs to Edward Monkton and he is one of my favourite author / poet / and illustrator. His drawing are generally very simple and his words are thought provoking which results in a very cute, aesthetically pleasing works of art.

This 2 beautifully, painstakingly, hand made work of art belongs to Peter Callesen and his form of art is very much into paper cut. Everything is so fine, detailed and I consider them masterpieces!!!

These and more magnificent photos of some of the greatest libraries in the world could be found at Hot Library Smut and I can guarantee that it'll leave you in awe. If only more libraries were built as marvellously as those here! I would forever live in it!!!

Another site worth mentioning is The Sartorialist. It is my favourite look book about what real people wear everyday all around the world. The photographer Scott Schuman does a tremendous job of capturing every detail and it's just so wonderful and refreshing to finally see people who wear what they feel instead of what magazines tell them to wear!! His book has just been released with the same title and I'm already waiting for my copy!!

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When I was younger, I used to hate art classes. I blame it on the Malaysian incompetent public schools where art always involve drawing and you have to follow a set of rules and instructions instead of painting with your heart and soul. Never the less, I was ALWAYS skipping art class.

After school, I started discovering that art comes in many, many forms. I started painting my own photo frames and decorating them for some money and I discovered that it is also a form of art. I later decided to paint "objects" that are important to cultures and some of my earlier works were paper cutting which was ok but not as amazing as Peter Callesen's!

Slowly, I began to enjoy art and I do consider myself an artist. I'm always on the lookout for art works that will inspire me and that was when I decided to take up photography. I have an insatiable love for old, colonial buildings, wonders of the world, nature and technically really old stuff. I'm trying to get my hands on some autochromes.

For those who are noobs, Autochrome Lumière is a very old color photography process where the effects are so beautiful!!! Photos look somewhat faded and really old. Anyways, do inform me if you have some ok? Would really appreciate it!!

~you know you art me~
Michelle May

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