Thursday, September 10, 2009

Yan Yan Birthday

Yan Yan The Hongkie which we celebrated her birthday!!!

Madrekins, Yan Yan and Candy cheh under the moonlight! The fresh air here was so refreshing!

The view here is so spectacular and captivating. You can generally see lights from Curve, 1Utama, Giant and generally the whole Damansara!

Thursday (09/10/2009) was just too fun! I spent the whole afternoon karaoke-ing with Bree and Nick and it was just too fun because I've been busy with everything that this was my first outing with my friends. For that moment in time, I forgot about school and work. I just had fun like a normal young girl!

Thought of having dinner with Nick but Madrekins threatened me to celebrate Yan Yan's birthday. So, spent a few hours at Borders (as usual!) and we had steamboat for dinner. Then, decided to be kepoh (busybody!) and toured Yan Yan's condo and pool!

Her place was just nice for 1 and oh-so-cosy! I really DO NOT mind moving out and living in her place. I love peace and quiet in order to be productive so, her environment suits me! Unfortunately, my suggestion got cold daggers from Madrekins.

Will be going jogging with Padrekins tomorrow morning (Monday) and I'm so excited! Hope I can wake up at 6.30AM!!! He's going to practise his Qi Gong while I jog around the huuuuuge lake!!! If only Precious behaves better in the society then I will consider bringing him. Unfortunately, he doesn't... So, he stays at home!

Recently, I fell in love with Paolo Nutini and boy, IS HE GOOD!!! I love his hauntingly, heavily-tinted Scottish accent in his voice! He doesn't sound 22 Y-O and I have him on replay, singing his heart out to me for the past 3 days!!! LOL! Yea, I love him loads!!!

Someone actually said that it is so much easier to talk to God than to me. I say, it's true!

~you know I care~
Michelle May

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