Friday, October 30, 2009

South East Asia

My dream is to visit the whole SEA by the time I turn 25/26 Y-O.

1 People's Republic of China (CHECKED)
2 Indonesia (CHECKED)
3 Japan
4 Philippines
5 Vietnam (CHECKED)
6 Thailand (CHECKED)
7 South Korea
8 Myanmar
9 Malaysia (CHECKED)
10 North Korea
11 Taiwan
12 Cambodia
13 Hong Kong
14 Laos
15 Singapore (CHECKED)
16 Mongolia
17 Timor-Leste
18 Macau
19 Brunei

Looks like I've got a long way to go! Hopefully, I'm able to complete my journey in time! I only have 3-4 years left before the dateline!!! I would have ticked Macau if the accident didn't happen!

I know I'm very ambitious but I'm hoping that the situation will improve in Korea within a few years. Man, I need a Sugar Daddy in my life!!!!

Padrekins just left to Macau and will be going to HK by the weekend! I'm devastated.. I would've been able to check Macau AND Hong Kong! Anyways, wish me luck!!

~you know it's my dream~
Michelle May

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Top 5 Treat List

The family has a love affair with Dell. We ALL have our own Dell and we all fell in love with the Candy Dell ad! It's like, whimsical meets Willy Wonka's chocolate factory!!! Anyways, here is my TOP 5 TREAT LIST!!!

1) A shopping spree in New York's finest; Barney's, Bendels, Saks, and Bergdoft Goodman because I like to spend my money where I can see it! - In my closet!

2) To visit ALL 7 wonders of the world because I want to experience those 'take my breath' away moments.

3) Lead a healthy life for 1 year because 20 years of my life was really unhealthy!!! It'll be good just to change for 1 year!

4) Spa and facial for 1 whole year because I lead a really stressful life and what's the best treat for a tired person? A spa with facials thrown in!

5) Dell Inspiron 13 because seriously, like candy, it's irresistably sweet colours would lift my mood and it's function would ease my mind. I'm lovin the Wide Vivid Display and HD Experience so I can watch all my Gossip Girl, Pushing Daisies, and movies without squinting my already small eyes! Besides that, I'm Always able to Connect to the web so I can video and chat with all those funny people that'll no doubt say the darnest things to keep me smiling!

~you know it's my treat~
Michelle May

Monday, October 26, 2009


My right index finger. I can't hold a pencil to even write!!! Just some little bruises.

My right middle finger. I think the most serious part of my body is on the right side.

This are the stitches on my right knee. After 3 days, it actually looks MUCH better!

This blue black bruise is on my inner thigh. After the 2nd day, all the bruises became visible. I think something is wrong with my cam coz it isn't THIS bad!

This huge reddish bruise is on my body and after Madrekins boiled an egg and rubbed it, it is MUCH better!

The same set of stitches on my right knee but more upclose and personal!

Tonnes of little scratches all over my right arm. You could barely see the little scratches now!

This is an exclusive EMERGENCY WARD picture! LOL! This was before stitches! You wanna imagine how it was? Imagine having period on your arms and legs!

A lot of you guys wanted to visit me and I appreciate your concern but I'm doing great and I'm just bruised up here and there and little stitches. To save you guys a trip to ma crib, here's some pictures to confirm that I'm ok!

Besides the amount of blood from the accident, I'm feeling normal. Until the doctors remove the stitches, I'll have to limp slightly and take things slowly. I'll be back to my normal self once they remove the stitches!

My bro is extremely disgusted by my condition and kept insisting I'm a ragdoll! When I showed him my stitches, he was like, "Why are you showing me such disgusting things??? Get lost!!! Ewwww"

Anyways, had an extremely busy day today. Went to the hospital for my check up, run around preparing the documents and finally bought a new car! Say hi to little Myvi by the end of this week!

For me, I doubt I'll be behind the wheels anytime soon! Goodbye!!! LOL... And right now, I'm singing to Buses and Trains - Bachelor Girl and Krazy - Pitbull!!! For once EVERYONE is true! "Michelle May, she gets KRAZY!!!" - Krazy (Pitbull)

~you know I get krazy~
Michelle May

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Jesus Take The Wheel

I totalled the car and I'm still in shock about what happened.

I was in the car, right there!!! I had a lot on my mind and I didn't pay attention... I didn't even have the time to cry!

I was immune to the condition but I'm mighty glad to be alive and not another statistic on the road.

Anna is so funny that she cracks me up!

Clement and I... We had fun that night...

The birthday girl and I... She was so surprised when she saw me walking in. She still thought I was in Indonesia.

Birthday Boy and buddy of the night! He followed me to collect the cake, and hid the secret to surprise xi ying!

The Birthday Girl looking good in her floral maxi dress!

Well, I had a VERY BAD accident. I think you all know... Like Monk would say,'Here's what happened....'

I was travelling home from Damansara at 2AM and momentarily fell asleep on the wheel and next thing I know, it was like Carrie Underwood's Jesus Take The Wheel and the last thing I remember was loud metal scraping and a loud crash... I have no idea how I got out or how I survived with just some minor bruises and cuts but I don't think that matters...

Near death experiences really changes your perspective in life. ALWAYS LIVE LIKE YOU'RE DYING!!! If it's your time to go, you'll just die even if you stayed at home... If it's not your time to go, no matter what happened, you'll survive. Oh, laughter is indeed the best medicine! In life, you have a choice to be happy or sad, I choose to be happy! Well, the Parentals came and nearly got a heart attack. I lost lotsa blood but I didn't lose one ounce of my sense of humour... According to Dr. Benny.

I also wanna take the opportunity to say sorry if I ever did anyone wrong. I don't wanna be a number or a statistic for the traffic dept. Oh, this also proves Facebook quizes are so true!!! I'm supposed to die peacefully in my sleep when I'm 101 Years old! LOL! Anyways, THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR CONCERN but I guess, you'll have to leave with me for a very long time... whether you like it or not!

~you know I'm glad to be alive~
Michelle May

Friday, October 23, 2009

Bandung, Paris Van Jawa

Bandara Husein Sastranegara Airport in Bandung HAS GOT TO BE THE SMALLEST AIRPORT I'VE EVER BEEN IN! Once you exit from the plane and walk to the entrance, it is already the Immigration clearance and right by the side of the immigration, you can see the baggage claims! The minute you enter the airport, you can see the WHOLE airport! It's safe to say that even my house is bigger!!!

Our flight from BDO-KUL was delayed for a few minutes but since we were waiting since forever, decided to cam whore! This was supposed to be my bored look!

Rumah MODE is a mix of culture, food and darn great shopping! This is the BEST place to shop in Bandung and the food is just as good! You can also relax your eyes with the beautiful surroundings!

This is the gorgeous, gorgeous place we had our first dinner in Bandung!!! This is Kg. Daun. For more information, pictures, and menu, go to Kampung Daun Culture & Cafe

This is the whole bunch of us at Tangkuban Parahu. This is a huge crater personally, it looks as if a giant meteor hit Earth and ended up in a crater! This is a volcano and you could still smell the sulphur and smoke in the air!

The way they sell their bunnies are so creative!! They set up little stalls at both sides of the road and bunnies are hopping mad everywhere!!! An Angora rabbit will cost you around 80,000 Rupiah! Which is around 20+ MYR!!! Bear in mind that you'll be buying an Angora bunny!!! Petshops in Malaysia sells them for 100+MYR!

This is how bright Indonesia is at 5 in the MORNING!!! At 4 in the Evening, it's equivalent to Malaysia's 7PM!!! Can't believe I woke up at 7AM Indonesia time!!! Oh, Bandung is 1 hour behind Malaysia!!! Meaning I woke up at 6AM MALAYSIA TIME!!!!

Candy cheh and I posing and cam whoring at Kelapa Lagoon where we had the tastiest Sundanese food!

Michelle May take me somewhere we can be alone! This is actually a playground! I had so much fun sliding down!!!

Serene and I at our little CASTLE! OK, I lied, It's not little at all!!!! It's deep in the forest and the architecture is just AMAZING! For more details, the hotel is G.H Universal Hotel

Madrekins and I at The Secret! This place is absolutely gorgeous!!! I love the little garden at the back and the dark Autumn garden in front! If only the camera has a wider angle, you can see the amount of stuff we bought!

Here in Bandung is cielo!!! I'm really livin' life here... I'm Lovin the Castle, the Millions, the Concierge, the Driver, the Food, the Booze and the People!!! I mean, I actually LIVE in a castle, I have MILLIONS to spend, The Concierge is on my speed dial, I have a DRIVER to take me around in style, the FOOD is delicious especially the Sundanese food, the BOOZE has higher alcohol content and the People are kinda good looking!

G.H Universal Hotel is the best hotel... EVER!!! It's like a castle!!! I forgot to tell you about the rates:
Standard: 970,000 Rp
Deluxe King: 1,570,000 Rp
Deluxe Double Queen: 1,770,000 Rp
Honeymoon Suite: 5,700,000 Rp
Presidential Suite: 13,500,000 Rp

All rooms come with buffet breakfast, Welcome drink, welcome towel, LCD TV, Lap top sized safe, Internet access and complimentary airport pick up.

*Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

The food here is very nice! We visited decent eating establishments so we have no problems with the food. Here are some places that we tried and would recommend:

Kg. Daun: Good environment, good food, but the 1 hr drive through mountains at night is scary!

Kelapa Lagoon: Good food for good price. Right next to Tony Roma's (VERY EXPENSIVE!) and some little shopping! Good Sundanese food.

Ma Uneh Restaurant: Sundanese food but we didn't get to try. Good reviews though!

Atmosphere Resort Cafe: According to the reviews, AMAZING environment and expensive. But should visit.

Raja Melayu: Authentic Malay food. The reviews weren't bad. Should try it on my next visit.

Waroeng Ethnic @ Rumah MODE: Very good food. Authentic Indonesian fare. Very strategic. It's in Ruamh MODE.

Unfortunately, will have to leave soon because we heard that A. Margeret is visiting and I have a party today! I'm really hesitating to go home to my concierge-less/driver-less life! Over here, I'm treated as a princess! I GET EVERYTHING THAT I WANT and when I shop, I just take whatever that I think is nice and I don't even look at the price tag!

Clothes there are cheap; I got an Esprit dress for 36MYR and tops for 20MYR or less! The best part, it is all branded. They're Esprit, Burberry, Guess?, Roxy, Rip Curl and etc... The 'factory outlets' are beautiful because they don't have malls. Factory outlets are the only form of shopping and only the few best like Rumah MODE and The Secret have beautiful deco. For shopping, I would recommend Rumah MODE, The Secret, Natural and MODE Plus. The others are not worth it. You know my taste.

Unfortunately, Madrekins wasn't too happy because she only managed to buy 3 tees while I got 2 dresses, 6 tops and 4 boxers for 1 Million Rupiah! The only things we managed to buy are clothes. The shoes and the bags are kinda disappointing because internet reviews were so positive about the bags and shoes. Terminal Tas got some rave reviews, unless you're into bags that look as fake as silicone boobs, forget it. Most stuff look cheap and suitable for lower class. No kidding.

Before we left to BDO, I saw this real pretty bag in 1 Utama. After reading all the rave reviews, I decided to buy a bag in BDO, Now, I think will have to go back to 1U to get the bag! Sigh. Overall, I enjoyed my trip immensely! I would come back here at the drop of a hat! No complains. We ran out of rupiahs for the trip home. As a tip, you should prepare some money to pay for the airport tax on the way home. You are charged around a few thousand rupiahs per person. Even though they accept any other currency, DO NOT pay them because it'll cost you less than the exchange rate. PAY THEM IN RUPIAHS!

For 595 pictures of my trip to Bandung, visit My Photo Album HERE!!!

~you know I'm a princess~
Michelle May

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mommy for a Day!

Huge vats of curries, thosai and jala and rice and all sorts of curries; chicken, prawn, fish, lamb!

Isn't Claudia dressed for the occasion? Madrekins on the right can't help but disturb Claudia!

Nice kolam at Aunty Pat's! One day when I retire, I would love to try my hand on making one of those!

Kysha on the other hand looking at us play fire works!! Kids are curious so....

She can't help it and she started playing as well! You know kids and fire... Inseparable! lol!

I had a feast!! I had the most delicious roti jala and ayam masak merah, prawn curry, chicken curry and fish!!! I'm not a thosai person but Aunty Pat makes such awesome thosai that I can't say no!

After dinner we had Swensens!!! Ms. Teh: Kysha, don't mix the chocolate and strawberry! You can't taste it afterwards!

(Kysha mixes it all up!)

You know how kids and ice cream? They make a huge mess and start laughing like a hyena!

NEVER, EVER give children sugar! They will hold their 'crotch', say 'ee-who!!!' and do a MJ impersonation.... THE WHOLE NIGHT!!!

But she's so cute so her MJ impersonation is just too funny! One day I should record her Egyptian dance! I taught her well! LOL!

Spend Deepavali at Aunty Pat's and had THE MOST LUSCIOUS AND DELICIOUS Deepavali spread EVER! Times like this, I love being in Malaysia! I love celebrating Eid with my family and Deepavali with my friends!!! Why am I surrounded by such great cooks? I can't cook to save my life!

Anyways, it was real fun since we went to IKEA and spend the whole day there! I was Mommy the whole day to Kysha! She's just too adorable! Took her to the Pet Shop and Book store and then had dinner since her real Mommy starved us! LOL!

Then we had Swensen's and lotsa MJ impersonations, karaoke sessions in the car and dances! At the end of the day, I'm just too tired and Padrekins as usual, "Wow! You vuys left the house at 9 something in the morning and came home at almost 11 plus at night!!!!!"

I kinda like being a MOMMY even though it was crazy and tiring!!! Motherhood comes naturally to some... Like ME! Would you still like me if I come with a kid??? SERIOUSLY....

~you know I'm a mommy~
Michelle May

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I'm a MILLIONAIRE!!! If only this was 1 Million Euros!! IF ONLY!!!

I look terrible! People, this is how I look at the end of the day after doing chores!

Tangkuban Perahu, Bandung, Indonesia. Picture courtesy of Tripadvisor

Just so you haters know, I'll be going to Indonesia next week with Jörgen! Jörgen has the greenest eyes! I just noticed how green they are... Like what everyone thinks, Just stay tuned because I'm unexpected and very random! So, all my bags are packed, I'm ready to go!!!

Since I travel a lot, will do a little segment on Michelle's MUST HAVES (TRAVEL EDITION!) about what I pack for travelling! Knowing me, It's going to be OTT!!! I hate being unprepared so, I need to have everything with me.

Pictures will be up the minute I get home... Till then, enjoy missing me because I definitely won't be missing you guys! LOL! Ciao.

~you know I'll do it~
Michelle May

Monday, October 05, 2009


For my 22nd birthday, this was what happened... I was as sick as a dogand I technically spent my birthday with my head in the toilet bowl puking my guts out! Besides that, I was drugged 98% of the time and sleeping!

This is OFFICIALLY the WORST BIRTHDAY OF MY WHOLE 22 YEARS! I never knew where the viral infection came from nor who gave it to me! But, I'm optimistic and I'd rather be sick now then be sick in Indonesia, right?

Anyways, these are my medicines!!! I'm taking like 20+ pills EVERYDAY!!! In yo face, hard core druggies!!! Anyways, I have been to the doctor TWICE because I've developed some sort of immunity against the medicines so she had to change ALL my medicines! Sigh. The worst feeling... EVER!

~you know I'm too sick~
Michelle May

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam!

This is a scene from a MUST WATCH Water Puppet show in Vietnam! It's amazing when they drown those puppets in the water! HA HA!

Those puppets were hideously scary! Have you watched Chucky??? I know they're not the same kind of puppet but it's still scary!

This band played at Milwaukee bar! They sing equally well compared to Ritchie Valens and Il Divo! (albeit the looks!) They are Vietnamese BTW!

Booze was relatively cheap over there! Can't remember the price but yea! I DIDN'T DRINK... I was just wandering past the shop!

HCMC is developing. I enjoyed the food and the hospitality!

This was the Jim Beam booth at the exhibition! He was tossing flamed bottles in the air. I think the key word was juggling!

Went to HCMC with Padrekins but ended up walking around alone cause he was really busy with work. I was there for the free trip and the whole experiencing new culture crap that I gave him! Reluctantly, he allowed me to tag along...

I learnt one thing; Don't travel alone if you don't speak THEIR language. I didn't manage to cam whore or even be in any pictures! When I asked them to take a picture of me, they just smile. It was last minute and I didn't have the time to study a few basic Vietnamese!

It was really educational because well, I'm slowly recovering. A holiday is good for me. I did nothing but took pictures, eat, sleep, party and walk around! Party was kinda fun because it's near the hotel.

Besides that, booze was awfully cheap! I was too drunk to remember the price but I remember that it was as cheap as water in Russia! I loved MAS!! Right now, I'm planning my itinerary for my Indonesia trip with Madrekins!!! I'm thinking Borobodur-ing, shopping and volcano-ing!!! Should be good!

~you know I love them~
Michelle May