Friday, October 23, 2009

Bandung, Paris Van Jawa

Bandara Husein Sastranegara Airport in Bandung HAS GOT TO BE THE SMALLEST AIRPORT I'VE EVER BEEN IN! Once you exit from the plane and walk to the entrance, it is already the Immigration clearance and right by the side of the immigration, you can see the baggage claims! The minute you enter the airport, you can see the WHOLE airport! It's safe to say that even my house is bigger!!!

Our flight from BDO-KUL was delayed for a few minutes but since we were waiting since forever, decided to cam whore! This was supposed to be my bored look!

Rumah MODE is a mix of culture, food and darn great shopping! This is the BEST place to shop in Bandung and the food is just as good! You can also relax your eyes with the beautiful surroundings!

This is the gorgeous, gorgeous place we had our first dinner in Bandung!!! This is Kg. Daun. For more information, pictures, and menu, go to Kampung Daun Culture & Cafe

This is the whole bunch of us at Tangkuban Parahu. This is a huge crater personally, it looks as if a giant meteor hit Earth and ended up in a crater! This is a volcano and you could still smell the sulphur and smoke in the air!

The way they sell their bunnies are so creative!! They set up little stalls at both sides of the road and bunnies are hopping mad everywhere!!! An Angora rabbit will cost you around 80,000 Rupiah! Which is around 20+ MYR!!! Bear in mind that you'll be buying an Angora bunny!!! Petshops in Malaysia sells them for 100+MYR!

This is how bright Indonesia is at 5 in the MORNING!!! At 4 in the Evening, it's equivalent to Malaysia's 7PM!!! Can't believe I woke up at 7AM Indonesia time!!! Oh, Bandung is 1 hour behind Malaysia!!! Meaning I woke up at 6AM MALAYSIA TIME!!!!

Candy cheh and I posing and cam whoring at Kelapa Lagoon where we had the tastiest Sundanese food!

Michelle May take me somewhere we can be alone! This is actually a playground! I had so much fun sliding down!!!

Serene and I at our little CASTLE! OK, I lied, It's not little at all!!!! It's deep in the forest and the architecture is just AMAZING! For more details, the hotel is G.H Universal Hotel

Madrekins and I at The Secret! This place is absolutely gorgeous!!! I love the little garden at the back and the dark Autumn garden in front! If only the camera has a wider angle, you can see the amount of stuff we bought!

Here in Bandung is cielo!!! I'm really livin' life here... I'm Lovin the Castle, the Millions, the Concierge, the Driver, the Food, the Booze and the People!!! I mean, I actually LIVE in a castle, I have MILLIONS to spend, The Concierge is on my speed dial, I have a DRIVER to take me around in style, the FOOD is delicious especially the Sundanese food, the BOOZE has higher alcohol content and the People are kinda good looking!

G.H Universal Hotel is the best hotel... EVER!!! It's like a castle!!! I forgot to tell you about the rates:
Standard: 970,000 Rp
Deluxe King: 1,570,000 Rp
Deluxe Double Queen: 1,770,000 Rp
Honeymoon Suite: 5,700,000 Rp
Presidential Suite: 13,500,000 Rp

All rooms come with buffet breakfast, Welcome drink, welcome towel, LCD TV, Lap top sized safe, Internet access and complimentary airport pick up.

*Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

The food here is very nice! We visited decent eating establishments so we have no problems with the food. Here are some places that we tried and would recommend:

Kg. Daun: Good environment, good food, but the 1 hr drive through mountains at night is scary!

Kelapa Lagoon: Good food for good price. Right next to Tony Roma's (VERY EXPENSIVE!) and some little shopping! Good Sundanese food.

Ma Uneh Restaurant: Sundanese food but we didn't get to try. Good reviews though!

Atmosphere Resort Cafe: According to the reviews, AMAZING environment and expensive. But should visit.

Raja Melayu: Authentic Malay food. The reviews weren't bad. Should try it on my next visit.

Waroeng Ethnic @ Rumah MODE: Very good food. Authentic Indonesian fare. Very strategic. It's in Ruamh MODE.

Unfortunately, will have to leave soon because we heard that A. Margeret is visiting and I have a party today! I'm really hesitating to go home to my concierge-less/driver-less life! Over here, I'm treated as a princess! I GET EVERYTHING THAT I WANT and when I shop, I just take whatever that I think is nice and I don't even look at the price tag!

Clothes there are cheap; I got an Esprit dress for 36MYR and tops for 20MYR or less! The best part, it is all branded. They're Esprit, Burberry, Guess?, Roxy, Rip Curl and etc... The 'factory outlets' are beautiful because they don't have malls. Factory outlets are the only form of shopping and only the few best like Rumah MODE and The Secret have beautiful deco. For shopping, I would recommend Rumah MODE, The Secret, Natural and MODE Plus. The others are not worth it. You know my taste.

Unfortunately, Madrekins wasn't too happy because she only managed to buy 3 tees while I got 2 dresses, 6 tops and 4 boxers for 1 Million Rupiah! The only things we managed to buy are clothes. The shoes and the bags are kinda disappointing because internet reviews were so positive about the bags and shoes. Terminal Tas got some rave reviews, unless you're into bags that look as fake as silicone boobs, forget it. Most stuff look cheap and suitable for lower class. No kidding.

Before we left to BDO, I saw this real pretty bag in 1 Utama. After reading all the rave reviews, I decided to buy a bag in BDO, Now, I think will have to go back to 1U to get the bag! Sigh. Overall, I enjoyed my trip immensely! I would come back here at the drop of a hat! No complains. We ran out of rupiahs for the trip home. As a tip, you should prepare some money to pay for the airport tax on the way home. You are charged around a few thousand rupiahs per person. Even though they accept any other currency, DO NOT pay them because it'll cost you less than the exchange rate. PAY THEM IN RUPIAHS!

For 595 pictures of my trip to Bandung, visit My Photo Album HERE!!!

~you know I'm a princess~
Michelle May

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