Monday, October 05, 2009


For my 22nd birthday, this was what happened... I was as sick as a dogand I technically spent my birthday with my head in the toilet bowl puking my guts out! Besides that, I was drugged 98% of the time and sleeping!

This is OFFICIALLY the WORST BIRTHDAY OF MY WHOLE 22 YEARS! I never knew where the viral infection came from nor who gave it to me! But, I'm optimistic and I'd rather be sick now then be sick in Indonesia, right?

Anyways, these are my medicines!!! I'm taking like 20+ pills EVERYDAY!!! In yo face, hard core druggies!!! Anyways, I have been to the doctor TWICE because I've developed some sort of immunity against the medicines so she had to change ALL my medicines! Sigh. The worst feeling... EVER!

~you know I'm too sick~
Michelle May

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