Saturday, October 03, 2009

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam!

This is a scene from a MUST WATCH Water Puppet show in Vietnam! It's amazing when they drown those puppets in the water! HA HA!

Those puppets were hideously scary! Have you watched Chucky??? I know they're not the same kind of puppet but it's still scary!

This band played at Milwaukee bar! They sing equally well compared to Ritchie Valens and Il Divo! (albeit the looks!) They are Vietnamese BTW!

Booze was relatively cheap over there! Can't remember the price but yea! I DIDN'T DRINK... I was just wandering past the shop!

HCMC is developing. I enjoyed the food and the hospitality!

This was the Jim Beam booth at the exhibition! He was tossing flamed bottles in the air. I think the key word was juggling!

Went to HCMC with Padrekins but ended up walking around alone cause he was really busy with work. I was there for the free trip and the whole experiencing new culture crap that I gave him! Reluctantly, he allowed me to tag along...

I learnt one thing; Don't travel alone if you don't speak THEIR language. I didn't manage to cam whore or even be in any pictures! When I asked them to take a picture of me, they just smile. It was last minute and I didn't have the time to study a few basic Vietnamese!

It was really educational because well, I'm slowly recovering. A holiday is good for me. I did nothing but took pictures, eat, sleep, party and walk around! Party was kinda fun because it's near the hotel.

Besides that, booze was awfully cheap! I was too drunk to remember the price but I remember that it was as cheap as water in Russia! I loved MAS!! Right now, I'm planning my itinerary for my Indonesia trip with Madrekins!!! I'm thinking Borobodur-ing, shopping and volcano-ing!!! Should be good!

~you know I love them~
Michelle May

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