Saturday, October 24, 2009

Jesus Take The Wheel

I totalled the car and I'm still in shock about what happened.

I was in the car, right there!!! I had a lot on my mind and I didn't pay attention... I didn't even have the time to cry!

I was immune to the condition but I'm mighty glad to be alive and not another statistic on the road.

Anna is so funny that she cracks me up!

Clement and I... We had fun that night...

The birthday girl and I... She was so surprised when she saw me walking in. She still thought I was in Indonesia.

Birthday Boy and buddy of the night! He followed me to collect the cake, and hid the secret to surprise xi ying!

The Birthday Girl looking good in her floral maxi dress!

Well, I had a VERY BAD accident. I think you all know... Like Monk would say,'Here's what happened....'

I was travelling home from Damansara at 2AM and momentarily fell asleep on the wheel and next thing I know, it was like Carrie Underwood's Jesus Take The Wheel and the last thing I remember was loud metal scraping and a loud crash... I have no idea how I got out or how I survived with just some minor bruises and cuts but I don't think that matters...

Near death experiences really changes your perspective in life. ALWAYS LIVE LIKE YOU'RE DYING!!! If it's your time to go, you'll just die even if you stayed at home... If it's not your time to go, no matter what happened, you'll survive. Oh, laughter is indeed the best medicine! In life, you have a choice to be happy or sad, I choose to be happy! Well, the Parentals came and nearly got a heart attack. I lost lotsa blood but I didn't lose one ounce of my sense of humour... According to Dr. Benny.

I also wanna take the opportunity to say sorry if I ever did anyone wrong. I don't wanna be a number or a statistic for the traffic dept. Oh, this also proves Facebook quizes are so true!!! I'm supposed to die peacefully in my sleep when I'm 101 Years old! LOL! Anyways, THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR CONCERN but I guess, you'll have to leave with me for a very long time... whether you like it or not!

~you know I'm glad to be alive~
Michelle May

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