Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mommy for a Day!

Huge vats of curries, thosai and jala and rice and all sorts of curries; chicken, prawn, fish, lamb!

Isn't Claudia dressed for the occasion? Madrekins on the right can't help but disturb Claudia!

Nice kolam at Aunty Pat's! One day when I retire, I would love to try my hand on making one of those!

Kysha on the other hand looking at us play fire works!! Kids are curious so....

She can't help it and she started playing as well! You know kids and fire... Inseparable! lol!

I had a feast!! I had the most delicious roti jala and ayam masak merah, prawn curry, chicken curry and fish!!! I'm not a thosai person but Aunty Pat makes such awesome thosai that I can't say no!

After dinner we had Swensens!!! Ms. Teh: Kysha, don't mix the chocolate and strawberry! You can't taste it afterwards!

(Kysha mixes it all up!)

You know how kids and ice cream? They make a huge mess and start laughing like a hyena!

NEVER, EVER give children sugar! They will hold their 'crotch', say 'ee-who!!!' and do a MJ impersonation.... THE WHOLE NIGHT!!!

But she's so cute so her MJ impersonation is just too funny! One day I should record her Egyptian dance! I taught her well! LOL!

Spend Deepavali at Aunty Pat's and had THE MOST LUSCIOUS AND DELICIOUS Deepavali spread EVER! Times like this, I love being in Malaysia! I love celebrating Eid with my family and Deepavali with my friends!!! Why am I surrounded by such great cooks? I can't cook to save my life!

Anyways, it was real fun since we went to IKEA and spend the whole day there! I was Mommy the whole day to Kysha! She's just too adorable! Took her to the Pet Shop and Book store and then had dinner since her real Mommy starved us! LOL!

Then we had Swensen's and lotsa MJ impersonations, karaoke sessions in the car and dances! At the end of the day, I'm just too tired and Padrekins as usual, "Wow! You vuys left the house at 9 something in the morning and came home at almost 11 plus at night!!!!!"

I kinda like being a MOMMY even though it was crazy and tiring!!! Motherhood comes naturally to some... Like ME! Would you still like me if I come with a kid??? SERIOUSLY....

~you know I'm a mommy~
Michelle May

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